Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1--The firesides and devotionals on Sundays and Tuesdays.

2-Seeing my cousin Mathew Cole!  It was awesome!  We saw eachother twice.  Once outside the lunch room, but I had not my camera with me.

3-The food in general.  I have had:  Shepherd pie, chimichanga's,
taco salad, nachos,orange chicken, pizza, chickencordon bleu, mashed potatoesand steak, grilled chicken...hamburgers, cheeseburgers, guacamoleburgers, curly fries, icecream...biscuits and gravy, yogurt and cold cereal, sausage and eggs, bacon and eggs...

4-My companion:  Very spiritual.  Great example.  Diligent in obedience.  Shows his love.  His name is Dominic Jose savage.  He loves football. 

5-letters I recieve from those I love.

6-My district and roommates. 

7-Defeating "the older generation" (group leaving before us ( in our zone) which speaks mandarin chinese) in  kickball!:  D

8-P-day, no stress.

9-Volleyball!  Huge stress relief!  The weather is so wonderful!  (think about those 3 days of spring we have in AZ ) We can dive and sprint and be loud!   : D

10-Learning Chinese!

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  1. Not sure my comment posted, so here it is again:

    Love the highlights! I'm glad you got to see Matt. Maybe when you meet again, someone will have a camera. May the Spirit be with you!