Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The MTC is Crazy


 The MTC is crazy.  The days are weeks and the weeks are days.  Time flies bye and memories of days merge together.  It is hard.  I have been continually tired from day 1.  I love it so much though.  I worked it out once, I am working for probably (16-5) 11 hours a day for at least 6 days a week, and a few on Sunday.  My mind is constantly being stretched.  My mentality tested.

I appreciate the letters I have received! 

I don't quite know what to tell everyone.

Well... the MTC is like boot camp.  It shows my flaws in ways I would never have imagined possible.  I have come to rely on the Lord in every situation I face, or to realize that I should have.

I have accomplished nothing without Him!

The Elders are a riot.  Elder Hellburg (looks like Peeta?) is one of the funniest, and most prone to hilarious quotes of anyone I have ever known (possibly).

A bit about Chinese stuff: 

The class is amazing.  I feel like for every Chinese word I learn, that I wish I knew 20 more words to go along with it.  Chinese is a very logical language.  Everything makes sense... you just can't express yourself in the same ways you can in English.

I have 2 class periods a day.  Each are 6 hours long.  I teach an investigator every day.  All in Chinese.  Right now the lessons are only about 25minutes long.  We are working toward 45minutes.  It is hard to put the words you know in sentance structures that make sense to Chinese.  My first investigator moved away, and I have been assigned 2 more.  Liu and Jiang.  They are both incredible people from what I know so far, but Jiang made a rookie mistake- she gave us her phone number thinking we would not call her... we did.  We hope that she has felt the love we have for her.  We meet with Liu tomorrow.  He is looking for something to make his life more wholesome.  We hope we can express ourselves in a way to connect with him.

Elder Savage is very impressive... He was humiliated in class the other day by a Sister throwing a tennis ball "at" him.  sadly to say, the area which the ball bestowed itself upon was unprepared for reception.  Elder Savage and I need to go on a long walk after that. 

I get to wash my clothes today, and attend the Temple! I love the sweet peaceful feelings of the Temple, though I miss the Mesa Temple. 

I love you all. I miss you all.

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  1. I'm loving these posts! Jacob's a great letter writer. Thanks for keeping this blog going!