Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Tidbits

First off before I forget: I was able to sit not 30 feet away from L. Tom Perry a week ago tonight!

I met an Elder who arrived yesterday (Yao) who is from Singapore! He speaks English fluently, and is a bit rusty in his Mandarin, but I am going to pump him for information. =D I was going to do so last night,  but due to him being shoved in some random residence hall, I was unable to. 

I was able to listen to Elder Bednar's MTC Christmas Devotional talk, the Character of Christ. 

He told us that by the time we have reached his age (60ish?) we should have read the Book of Mormon 400-500 times.  That comes down (my calculations w/o a calculator) to roughly 30-40 days to read the Book of Mormon with a specific question in mind, (oh he said to start with a new, cheap Book of Mormon for each read through) and then to write a 1/2 page answer to your question, put the question and Book of Mormon on a shelf for future reference, and to start over again.  What a powerful man to listen to.  He talked about always turning outward- to others.  Not inward to self gratifications/selfishness.

                                    I was able to hear a talk on temples.  How amazing.
that's all for now,
Ban Ma

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