Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yay! Our First Email!!!

Selections from Jacob's 4/29 email:


Elder Jacob Black himself
My companion (Elder Savage (we call ouselves confederately "the Black Savage")) is the most amazing companion I could of had. 
Jacob Did Not Explain
Feel Free to Suggest Caption :  )
He reminds me a lot of my cousin Ammon Gayton. He is half Cuban.  We have a wonderful love for each other.  
Elders Savage and Black
Thanks to the family members who have helped me prepare to go, the ones who have dropped me off, and good luck to Matthew!!
Wall Display of Zebra Scarf
Mounted with Zebra Tape
MTC life:
Food= heaven.
I eat the most in my district... if you can imagine that! They all kinda stare at me and wonder where it goes.... but, I just smile and get thirds :D 
My residance hall is four stories, huge bathroom with showers, (Awesome singing goes down here at the MTC), people have lots of facial hair here... 
Also, very strange note- I am the only Mandarin speaking Singapore missionary I have encountered here at the MTC (and I say "Mandarin speaking" very loosley)...
It's Greek to Me
Anyone else going to Singapore is Malay (Indonesian) speaking.
My whole district is going to Taiwan Taichung, except for me. The district is awesome. I have pictures... just wait =D
Also, any pictures that you would like to send will be appreciated by me, Elder Savage, Elder Forbes, and Elder Hellberg (sp?)!
Also... (this may be weird... brace yourself).  Everyone who goes to Taiwan has to do some intense things for Visa's. I don't need a Visa, so I get to watch them get their blood drawn, and do stool tests (if you don;t know what this is, I am sending an amazing picture of the instructions for it in my next letter home (probably today?). 
In the interest of being tasteful this will do
Typical day- wake up at 6am, shower, dress, breakfast, class room (personal study) Language study, Classroom instruction (teacher taught),
Teaching my investigator--!
OH! yeah, that was AWESOME! We basically prayed, walked in, bore our testimonies, prayed with him, understood how much Chinese we had to learn, stared at him as he talked at us, prayed again (the same as the opening prayer), and then tried to shake his hand (I guess we don't do that... feels weird just walking out the door).
Ah yes, so apparently he told us to come back again on Saturday? So we had classroom instruction put down for that time period, And were waiting for the teacher... no teacher--- We talked to district members... did you all have a second appointment?.... Yeah... when for? In thirty minutes... but we all thought he was just acting, so we just basically walked in (Elder Savage and I) and handed him a Chinese book of Mormon (because he can't read english) and then stared into his soul until he kicked us out... It was very strange. Not awkward at all (I thought- Elder Savage is of a different opinion).  Everyone else in our district was ready though, and were able to put on a good lesson, due to Elder Savage and I testing the waters for them (Lucky district...)

Elder Jacob Emmanuel Black
April 2012


  1. Wow, our family isn't big on posting comments, are they, ha ha. Thanks for putting all this up on a blog. It's fun to see what Jacob is up to. Keep up the good work!

    1. hey! Thanks for commenting! It is mucho work, but muy divertido!