Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three More Weeks!

 There are only 3 weeks of MTC joy left?!
                   I can't believe it! 

MTC Highlights:

Let me think... Uhm... Nothing was that different from last week!
Elders will be Elders...

Saturday at TRC, I was able to teach a wonderful Asian man from Taiwan with Elder Savage.  He said that he has been studying English for about 2 months!  He was very incredible.  Then we were able to teach "Bai Jieme" our names are the same, and all of the Asians really love that my name means "White" :  D

Sunday was an incredible day though, not only was it a birthday celebration, but it was Fast Sunday! It was so incredibly spiritual! We were able to listen to a talk about the Miracle Healings of Christ by a Doctor- his name is in my study journal, I just can't remember it.  He was a Senior Missionary though, and he has been serving for 7.5 years! What a man.  I was then able to listen to a talk by Elder Uchtdorf! I love him so much! He really helped me understand the importance of honoring my name.  A scripture/theme that came up on Sunday was that of honoring our names, and by honoring our names, our parents, and the Lord.

Some goals I made when entering the MTC:
Read through the Book of Mormon once from cover to cover
Read Preach My Gospel
Read Jesus the Christ

To be quite honest, I will probably have to finish Jesus the Christ on the flight to Singapore, but I am more than half way done with it.  The Book of Mormon, I am at Mosiah 18, and it's starting to read a little faster! Preach My Gospel is coming along, but slower than the rest.  There are just too many scriptures to read in it!
I have decided that I really love King Benjamin's address :  D
Not sure what else to say!
Love you all!  :  D
Elder Black

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  1. I can't believe that they have a Mandarine Chinese Missionary stay at the MTC for such a short time! I sure increases my testimony of the gift of tongues :) Thanks for all the posts!