Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Malaysian News from Jacob's 8/7 Email

Lot's of miracles this week! I don't know where to start... It seems like we are being overwhelmed with Miracles!

My companion Elder Jensen told me that a year ago Sitiawan was the joke of the mission. After 4 months of him and Elder Fanning, it began to have more success! I am grateful for all of the missionaries who planted seeds over the last five years this area has been opened, and that Elder Jensen and I are now able to reap the rewards of their labor.

 We are working closely with ward members, who are amazing in the amount of help they give us! We have some Young Men who call us up to ask if they can come and teach with us! There is one young man waiting for his mission call which we will hopefully have by Saturday! He will be the second missionary to leave from Sitiawan! We are trying to prepare one man for the Melchizedek Priesthood! It seems that younger people are more receptive to our message, and that their parents often times are the ones to tell us "No."

Well, more miracles: "Pedro" has been doing splendidly! We had a lesson planned for him, about love and charity, but as we started, Elder Jensen turned it over to me, I blanked on the entire lesson plan, and then started by talking about something very related but just... different than what we planned. I don't think we did anything we had planned, but we achieved our goal, of bringing him to the understanding of the love Christ has for all men, and that he too can have that love for everyone.

We were able to talk with "This other wonderful man" and he was so incredible! He is developing a love for the Book of Mormon, and that is what we use to teach him. He is opposed to churches in general, but yesterday asked us about church, and what happens. We gave him a very brief rundown and then he asked more questions! Lehi's dream was a bit difficult for him... but it's still difficult for me :D

Oh! We had an appointment fall through randomly, and our back up we had already gone to (long story), so I suggested another investigator who is never home, Elder Jensen said... sure? So we went over, and some teenagers drove up next to us on their motos (motor scooters) and started talking to us, well we ran into them three more times on the way, so we just started to talk to them and we will teach one of them English and the other one is going to allow us to meet with him! I was feeling happy :D

I tried a fruit which looks like a jackfruit and smells like durian. The fruit also looks like a jackfruit, so I tried that and it had a very strong after taste, but I think I liked it! Elder Jensen said that durian is "worse" I think he just means "more flavorful!

Love you all :D

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