Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Talk," from Jacob's 9/9/2012 Email

Well, this week... a lot happened. Probably the highlight, was a lesson we had with our investigator Big Tree* (taking poetic license here with the names). She is doing everything she can with her husband to have a child, and has been running from doctor to doctor for a while now. Either Elder Jensen or I looked too confused, or asked a question or... just had that blank look of... are you speaking Chinese?? Because the next thing I know, Big Tree has pulled out her iPad, and is translating words for us such as: 'Test tube Baby' (if you get the chance, listening to a recorded voice saying this will make your day. Hopefully)" and... other words. Then with hand motions, and...words we were given "The Talk" of how children are made, and all the elements necessary to produce a child. Mind you, this all started as we were talking about families... As we left (in a profound silence), and were riding our bikes to our next appointment, Elder Jensen turned to me and said, "wo keyi jiag yingwen man?" (May I speak English?) Then: ...We were just given "The Talk" in Chinese. That was when we were both able to laugh... a lot. The Mission is a great experience.
Oh! Frozen mango's taste good if anyone was interested in my (informed an do I dare say "expert") opinion on that matter.

AHA! Jien Wen's mission call was switched from Malay speaking to Chinese speaking! I may be able to become companions with him! This mission is extremely funny. There are around 80-100 missionaries (depending on coming and goings etc), and Elder Jensen my companion has never met one of the Chinese Elders here. There are going to be 6 Chinese speaking Missionaries leaving within the next 1-2 months, and there will be 6 coming in within the same time period. So the Chinese speaking Elders will be up to an impressive 12 total!

Serving in Malaysia these past 2 months has been an incredible experience. I have changed a lot, and am working on welcoming change as much as I can! :D

The investigators we are meeting with are gradually progressing. It is a very slow process to build a testimony of Jesus Christ in one who does not know that much about Him. It is disappointing when we are told that they are not interested, but it is worth it when we see people's testimonies begin to build. One thing that I have learned is that the most important thing I can do is ask the Lord for help. If I remember to do that, decisions are clearer and the work is fulfilling :D

Love, the elusive Elder Black :D

*All names have been changed for the insanity of the writer of this news.

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