Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Week of Eternity, from Jacob's 9/2/2012 Email

The Week of Eternity: This week flew by so quickly, but looking back on it, it seems to have stretched a span of months, not merely days!

Monday was fairly wonderful for a Preparation Day, We played some card games, and went to McDonalds. I was able to relax for about 2-3 hours! Then we went and caught a bus to KL (a huge town that is very much bigger than Mesa), for Special Missionary Training. It was a training for all of the new missionaries. We talked about the training program we were on, and it was very exciting to meet with all the Elders and Sisters I had known in the MTC! Elder Harper and I were able to talk a lot, and Elder Snyder, who I keep forgetting is from Mesa, has my type of humor. A lot of the time seemed to be devoted to having us develop a testimony of obedience and self-reliance. It also built my testimony that this is the mission for me. I feel very much connected to Sister Mains, and President Mains was able to discuss some questions I had with him. I really enjoyed that experience.

Something that seems interesting to me, is the amount of people who are not true to themselves because of social pressure. I know one person who was told by God that this church is true, but lacks the faith to act on this confirmation. There are also a lot of people who are willing to talk about how to make the world better, and others better, but when it comes to improving their own lives, they balk. They do not believe that God can help them. They think that God is for everyone... except for them. There are also people who have exemplary lives, who just seem to know how to make others feel good about themselves without trying.

Jian Wen (a member of the Church here in Sitiawan) reported Friday morning (1 am) rather than November 1st! He is going to the Manilla MTC, and will be there for about 3 weeks! His family were very touched by his leaving, and bore their testimonies about him and the good work he will do in the service of God yesterday for Fast and Testimony meeting.

There was one young man who came with us for 5 hours! It was funny because all of our plans fell through, and the back-ups were almost entirely exhausted! He had a good time, and he really liked teaching English class with us :D It was an exciting experience for him!

I love you!

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