Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jacob's 10/28 2012 email

Malaysian News:

This week a lot happened.  We had a wonderful activity with ward members, and quite a few potential investigators that we were able to contact.  A less-active family went as well which was wonderful! It's an incredible experience to watch the members, and realize how much this small branch in Malaysia is doing to fellowship, invite, uplift and inspire each other!!

I offer a simple invitation to anyone preparing to serve a mission to prepare for a mission.  Become the missionary you want to be.  Invite your friends to activities, church, and to hear more out of your love for them.  If they say no, you are still friends! Don't think that a simple invitation  will end your friendship with someone.

We went to Pinang (sp?) for a District Conference with almost all of West Malaysia.  It was a wonderful uplifting experience, and I learned a lot! Especially about living after the manner of happiness, which seems to be centered around sealing families together forever in the temple.

Elder Jensen is leaving me and Sitiawan today to go back to America.  I will be getting a new companion at some point?  Hopefully I find out what is happening with transfers.  I still haven't heard from my District Leader Elder Reeves.  That will probably be the news for next week.  It is peculiar to me that I have been with Elder Jensen for 4 months already.  How time flies.  I will miss him.  We were able to meet with one of our investigators (who had gone dark on the radar) finally, he was off in KL for a few weeks, and is finishing up his course papers.  Elder Jensen had a nifty bike crash, but I wont say much about that.  I love you all!  :D

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