Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Week Was Fantastic! From Jacob's 10/7/2012 Email

This week was fantastic! I will just talk about what I heard happened at General Conference! 18 and 19 years old now?! That's a tremendous change the Lord is making. It makes me wonder about the many big changes that will occur because of this blessing!

I just met an incredible man from Nigeria. He met with us, about 2 times this week and came to church! He said that he believes the Book of Mormon is true, but he still has not read and prayed, to ask God if it is true! :( It is nice that he trusts us, but anyone can lie to him, and it is hard to convince people here that they need to believe things for themselves and not because someone tells them something.

I have been noticing a lot of different cultural traits, and I am also realizing how similar people are no matter what language they speak. I heard a spoiler alert from General Conference! The Lord has moved the age up for those who are desirous to serve Him! What a unique and incredible experience! How many of the people that I love is that effecting? It is interesting to note that the Lord's servant's have been analyzing the situation, and making sure the logistics of it would work. I hope they will be surprised and pleased by the response of those who desire to serve God with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. I hope if you are thinking about the new change or turning in papers now, that you write me about it! That's something I would love to know! How many lives are changing?

It is interesting how many people are curious about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who will not take the time to read the Book of Mormon. It is also sad the amount of people who read the Book of Mormon without "real intent" meaning- even if God told them the Book of Mormon was true, they would not change their lives and partake of His Love, Peace, and Comfort.

Thought for the week: There is no free lunch (Chinese proverb). We can't be happy without service, We can't get rich without work, We can't accept love without loving. God is not so mysterious as we draw closer to Him through prayer, and remember that His great motivator is Love, and that His power comes from the Priesthood. I personally know and have received a witness that no other church on earth has the priesthood authority and power of the Lord. I invite anyone who is doubtful of this proclamation to pray for themselves. Study for yourself, and ponder the feelings you receive. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was established to allow us to return to our Heavenly Father, by making bad men good, and good men better. The Gospel benefits and enriches everyone.

I love you all! I'm learning more everyday!

Love, Elder Black

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