Sunday, November 11, 2012


Dear Family, (This can be Malaysian News as Well)

This week has been a wonderful learning curve for me.  Mostly that I can't do anything without the Lord's help.  My love and diligence in prayer has increased by 5 points! :D

I am also becoming a firm believer in my ability to choose my own happiness.  I often times have the opportunity to cry about life, or laugh at it.  Elder Broadhead is a wonderful help in this, his humor is different, and it makes me laugh all the time!   I am so grateful for the Lord's help in learning how to help Him! It's quite entertaining if I think about it.  I am on the Mission to serve the Lord, and in return, He serves me by showing me how to serve Him.  I love the words of King Benjamin in Mosiah Chapter 2, about how we are always unprofitable servants, and the Lord will always immediately bless us for our obedience!   I am learning to love the commandments of the Lord, His mercy to me, and the importance of obedience in finding happiness. If there is any commandment you are currently struggling on, whether it be pray always, or truly observe the Sabbath Day, I urge you to trust in the Lord's blessings.  The Lord is wise and will not ever ask you to do anything unless there is a blessing attached to it.  There are also sometimes sad consequences attached to disobedience.  Such as families deteriorating.  I want to live with you all for eternity.  I want to be able to attend the temple with all of you as you reach the appropriate ages. I want you to know, that the Plan of Happiness is most certainly created by God, for US! His Children!! He called us to earth in this family to help strengthen, Love, and Protect each other.  I am not perfect, and apologize for not always magnifying my calling as a son and brother- older and younger- I hope that you all have desires still to live with me for eternity.  I was reading Mosiah Chapter 2 today for Personal Study.  As I read my thoughts were turned to families, homes, and temples.  I do not have my scriptures with me at the moment, so my remembrance will be imperfect, but, It is of great importance that King Benjamin taught FROM THE TEMPLE, that he gathered his people (family) together and taught them from the Temple (like God teaching us), but also, that the people were organized according to their families! Not only that, but as they faced the temple IN their tents (Now, when reading 1 Nephi I often replace tent with TEMPLE) The home is where the heart is- the temple should be where we place our hearts, not on wealth, not on knowledge, but on the temple.  Then, if our home is the only place which can ever be as  holy as the temple... well, I urge Mom and Dad, and you all as a family to study these verses, and make them your life motto.  I know I have not been good at placing family first in the past, but I have promised myself to change! I love you all so very much, I think about you! Love Elder Black :D

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