Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now a trainer -- from Jacob's 11/4/2012 email

Well... I am training officially now.  My "son's" name is Elder Broadhead.  He is from Riverton Utah.  He likes to hunt, and is a huge fan of soccer!

Malaysian News: 

Transfers were very big in the Chinese Speaking portion of the mission.  I now have a new companion, Elder Broadhead, and we are staying in Sitiawan! I will most likely be here for another 3 months, although nothing is definite, and we shall see what the Lord has in store :D

I was in Singapore last week from Tuesday (leaving Monday night) until Saturday Morning around 6:50 am, I am still tired from traveling, but I had a wonderful experience.  My Chinese improved quite a bit, listening and speaking to Mainland Chinese students who are studying in Singapore.  They are very kind, and have wonderful manners.  I also have been able to improve my contacting skills due to the thousands of people one meets in Singapore each day!

Elder Broadhead is wonderful! We are both not that great at Chinese, so the next while will be a wonderful learning experience!  We are looking for a family to prepare and receive the ordinance of Baptism in December.  We get along well, and are learning about each other a lot.  We are focusing on doing everything according to the light and knowledge we have received from Preach My Gospel, and The Missionary Handbook.  We are learning a lot, making mistakes, and having a wonderful time.  Our studies are my favorite part of the day, and then watching the people who we taught keep the commitments that we extend to them, and grow closer to Jesus Christ is incredible!

I love seeking and receiving revelation each day! I wish to bear my testimony that the mission field is the Lord's Vineyard, and He knows how to prune it, who to use to fertilize it, who to use to reap the benefits of the labor, and the laws of the harvest.  I know that the Lord trusts me to trust Him, and I am excited for this opportunity to develop our relationship.

Love, Elder Jacob Emmanuel Black :D

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