Monday, December 3, 2012


This past week was incredible.  We were able to meet a lot of people this week, and were able to testify of the things we know to be true.  Something that I have been realizing more and more this past week, is the sacredness of the Book of Mormon.  I read the October 2011 Liahona, and was amazed at the testimonies that were included there.  For some reason, I never realized all of the promises attached to the Book of Mormon, and I encourage everyone to read that issue of the Ensign.  The other talk I read was called "The Fourth Missionary" I can't recall the name of the person who gave it, but it was one of the most life changing talks I've read! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the opportunity I now have to live with my family for all eternity!  I know that Joseph Smith opened this Dispensation of the Gospel.  That no other church in the world has the Priesthood Authority of God.  This I know to be true. I rejoice in the privilege and opportunity I have to hold this great responsibility! May we all learn to love and appreciate one another, and the tender mercies that God displays in our lives each day! :D

I love YOU! =D
Elder Black

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