Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Airport Pictures

Look close for the zebra tape on the suitcase!

Trouble at the Airport

At Security Jacob had to throw away all of his shampooh and gel and shaving cream, because he packed it into his carry on bag which they go through.  I understand it would be safe inside of his suit case where they do not rummage(note to all you missionary mom's without a lot of travel experience like me)  Luckily,[thankyou, Marci : )]  A benevolent Aunt came to the rescue in Provo!  I'm making a note to myself for Richard. 

I found this out because as I was getting ready to leave the house this morning I couldn't find my keys anywhere.  Just as I found the keys, and was about to leave I got a phone call from Jacob.

"That's why I couldn't find my keys!"  A tender mercy from the Lord.

picture courtesy of Sarah :  )

Airport Goodbyes

Jacob was up at 4 am this morning,zipping up his suitcases and applying zebra duct tape to the handles[]thanks Rusty : )]  Grandpa stopped by to say goodbye.

We all piled into the car at 5:40am and turned around just before Sonic on McKellips to go back for the boarding pass, and his little hymn book.  :  )

Well, he's officially off.  We said goodbye at security.  It was a somber ride home.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jacob's Mission Call

Jacob received the Mission call on Friday the 6th of January! He was so anxious to open it! He reports tomorrow (April 25th, 2012) :O to the Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)!!! 

He was called to the Singapore Mission, to invite others to learn about Jesus Christ in the Mandarin Chinese language.  His original report date was the 11th of April, until Salt Lake called and asked for him to attend the Provo MTC on the 25th of April instead, to participate in an accelerated language program.