Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Wow guys! This is one of the funnest times I have ever had...

 Let me see.... This week: D. Todd Christofferson was able to talk to us on Tuesday.  It was an incredible talk, but the best part about it was the last 10 seconds, and the musical numbers.  There is nothing that brings the Spirit into my heart quite like music. 

I was also able to hear a talk by Elder David Bednar.  It was about becoming a missionary.  I think I have a lot of work to do.  Has anyone read the definition of Prayer in the Bible Dictionary? It sure blessed my life.  I also am in love with Preach My Gospel.  A tidbit about Elder Savage.  In the end, his goal in life is to become a trophy husband. Why? I'm not sure, but I AM pretty sure that that is the best answer to that question I have ever heard!

On Tuesday our whole district took down a giant bin of cereal. (Literally destroyed it).  I had ten bowls of Frosted Flakes. I will never eat Frosted Flakes again.  The generation of Mandarin speaking missionaries that just left (today) had never been able to do that.  However, after hearing about our amazing district accomplishment, the Branch President told us that such a thing was not... wise.  Oh well.

We also had a chip party today! :D It was very fun.  I enjoy P-days!

We moved classrooms from 18M to 7M.  This isn't quite an upgrade- more like moving from Jerusalem into the Wilderness. 

Let me see... oh yes, today is Tie-exchange day, where we trade ties with each other although we trade back at the end of the day. Saturday is gold tie day, Friday was green, Thursday was... what was it? Ah yes, purple (I wore that awesome tie Natalie Lewis gave me)! :D

I'm not quite sure what else to write... Oh yes, be played softball, and enjoyed that immensley. My favorite is still sand volleyball. I will probably venture forth into the realms of basketball tomorrow, although I hear that is where everyone gets injured? I like sand volleyball because I can dive.... anywhere, without getting kicked off the field. The MTC staff is strict about that.


 Heard a little about Singapore from an RM in the TRC (Training resource center).  There are approximately 80 missionaries in the Mission.  10 of them will be speaking Mandarin.  I think I confused some people in an earlier email.  The zones in the MTC are according to the language you are speaking (as are districts).  Everyone in my district is learning Mandarin, but they are going to Taiwan rather than Singapore, France, Canada, California, New York, or any other country which speaks Mandarin. 


I am spending about 30 minutes a day now with our progressing investigators! I've nearly memorized the food schedule.  When the rest of our zone left this morning, they had a ton of things they could not take with them, which we inherited.  Such as: An exorbiant amount of a Gospel pictures! Also, About 74 glass bottles... a bunny which is very cute (not real...) and a small tiny Christmas tree.  I can only write letters on p-day nowadays, so I'm sorry if they are late getting back to you all. 

Ban Ma


1--The firesides and devotionals on Sundays and Tuesdays.

2-Seeing my cousin Mathew Cole!  It was awesome!  We saw eachother twice.  Once outside the lunch room, but I had not my camera with me.

3-The food in general.  I have had:  Shepherd pie, chimichanga's,
taco salad, nachos,orange chicken, pizza, chickencordon bleu, mashed potatoesand steak, grilled chicken...hamburgers, cheeseburgers, guacamoleburgers, curly fries, icecream...biscuits and gravy, yogurt and cold cereal, sausage and eggs, bacon and eggs...

4-My companion:  Very spiritual.  Great example.  Diligent in obedience.  Shows his love.  His name is Dominic Jose savage.  He loves football. 

5-letters I recieve from those I love.

6-My district and roommates. 

7-Defeating "the older generation" (group leaving before us ( in our zone) which speaks mandarin chinese) in  kickball!:  D

8-P-day, no stress.

9-Volleyball!  Huge stress relief!  The weather is so wonderful!  (think about those 3 days of spring we have in AZ ) We can dive and sprint and be loud!   : D

10-Learning Chinese!