Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time is Flying By!

Wow, time is flying by so quickly here!

It is the funnest time I have ever had! I wish I could slow down and enjoy it even more, or perhaps not have the need to sleep, that I might accomplish all that I feel inclined to.  The food is still incredible, my body does not know what to do with it (actually, it's going straight for the thighs!) :D
I have officially gained 9-10lbs! : D

MTC Highlights:

Lots of great things have happened.... Oh, the Temple was quite amazing today! I enjoy going there, more so than anything else here.

I found a shirt in a free bin, I am steadily gaining more clothes, I believe most of them will be going back into the free bin before I am off to Singapore.  The MTC is having a shortage of stamps! you can only buy 2 currently (at a time, but I am not quite sure if that means I should be revisiting the bookstore once a day for a week...).
I heard a very profound talk on Sunday about the necessity of immediate repentance.  If we do not repent of something immediately, then we will be forced to concede on all the other battles (not quite, but this is a brief summary); exact obedience to the laws (commandments, covenants, etc) you are responsible for will lead us to ever increasing joy (though not perhaps through ever increasing circumstances--- interesting no?) Also, the stress of not being a "missionary" but becoming a "Preach My Gospel Missionary."

Tonight I might be priveleged to hear from a member of the 70, or Quorum of the 12! This is thrilling. I love Tuesday's (Preperation-days)

Oh, to answer a question I forgot to answer earlier: Preperation day= A time to relax, relieve stress, prepare for the upcoming days (write letters, do laundry, go shopping etc.)



I will probably be leaving the MTC around the 25th of July.


I saw AJ Jackson today, and was able to take some pictures with him!

missionary challenge:

I would like to invite (challenge if that makes you feel better) you (yes, you, the one reading this) to invite a friend to listen to the missionaries in your home today!
One of my friends was able to relate a neat missionary experience with me! I hope that I will hear back from you on this invitation.

Much love,

Elder Black