Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Address- Excitement Mounting

                                       New address:  [Please leave off "Elder"]

                               Jacob Black
                               Singapore Mission
                               253 Bukit Timah Road, 5th floor
                               Singapore 259690
                         Takes 1 month to receive mail!

 Well... I have been having a blast!  
It would have made America's Funniest Home Vidoes when we all got our Travel Plans! So many missionaries so excited!!!
I get to travel with 5 other missionaries to Singapore, we are traveling to the LA airport, then Hong Kong and then over to Singapore.  I will get there (Singapore time) around 11:45am 06/27/2012

So I completely miss the 26th of July in my life... but I get an extra day-- I get to live one day twice when I come home... weird! 

Also, My district was asked by President Baker (our District President) to be ushers this Sunday for the MTC Devotional! All the New Mission Presidents get here this weekend, and I get to meet mine! I was able to shake President Brown's hand today, and he said my name, it was a unique experience.  

Elder Yow (from Singapore) left on Monday.  He was only in our district for four days, but I can't wait to meet his father and family!  

Field training was yesterday, and we had a pretty wonderful time there, until Elder Savage had a vicious nose bleed, and we scurried out.  

I met an Elder from Malaysia, and he can speak 5 languages! I also heard some stories from the Malay speaking missionaries about having companions who can't speak the same language as you, etc.  It was exciting to hear! 

   I can't wait to be there, where the Lord wants me, and to serve  as hard as I can!