Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Experiences

Took about 25 hours of traveling to get here, I had some nice facial hair by the time I arrived, as I did not want to try to carry on a razor, not knowing exactly how strict international airlines are.  but upon arriving, everyone told me that my companion (Elder Jensen) was the happiest missionary they have here! I couldn't wait to meet him (sorry if my Englis goes downhill from here, I find it necessary to talk in extremely simple english in order to communicate with those who profess to speak english.  President Clark took us to a restaurant- 
I think he sent you some pictures, but let it be known, that the food here is what I call "spicy."  I am getting a little bit more used to it, and I have rice and noodles every day.  I found some oatmeal a missionary left at our house, and have been eating that the past several days.  It seems like no one here eats breakfast lunch or dinner, just snacks throughout the day! but... large snacks.  There appetites are aslo smaller than most Americans  :D let me see... Then after eating at the resturaunt, we went to the fruit market, which was incredible, in that I had never heard of most of the fruit there.  I got to try a fruit which I do remember the name of - Jackfruit, it tasted strange to me, but ah well, it was also good... like  a mango, and jicima, and pineapple mix, with a strong apple taste.  Also the apples here are sublime.

 After the fruit market, we went contacting.  It was very fun! We found a few people who were interested the more in listening about the message that Christ would have them hear. 

Elder Jensen: very happy, he has terrible english :D a lot of the time, people here say "Can" to mean: good, can, will... just about anything?) or "lah" to emphasize something-- "yes-lah!" it's different.  The accent is crazy, because it's different depending on who you talk to.  Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, Mix and match etc.  I have been able to experience a lot of sucess along with Elder Jensen, as we contact people, and mostly just talk to lots of people! I had some seafood curry by the way, which was really good! I also found my camera, but I forgot the charger cord back in Singapore along with letter writting materials and addresses- in about three months I should be able to get them,... I hope :D

Well, I have been assigned to West Malaysia, in the city of Sitiawan! It's very fun, small, yet so many people! So many different kinds of people! even without a name tag, I would stand out in any crowd by being white!  The traffic was terrfying at first, but I am a little bit closer to putting my finger on the pulse.  I still wave to the wrong side of the car (what I think is the driver's spot, is usually the passenger's...) and it's weird to see people driving on the wrong side of the road. 

The members here are amazing.  There are not that many, but there are enough new ones to keep us VERY busy! We have been kept so busy lately! Dinner kind of gets in the way.  To celebrate the 4th of July we will go to McDonalds, a hamburger? weird.  It might not even burn my tongue off! I am slowly conditioning myself to progressively spicier foods, in the hopes that as long as I am burning my tongue off, the less spicier foods will eventually taste really yummy!

Oh yes, 10 hour bus ride (only 9 actually...) to Sitiawan just helped me to realize how much traveling I had been through, and I have had no trouble sleeping!!! I love doing hard things.... after I do them :D

Stay strong, read the scriptures- they will tell you all things what you should do (I think someone important said something like that ;)  Love you much!