Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Malaysian News from Jacob's 8/7 Email

Lot's of miracles this week! I don't know where to start... It seems like we are being overwhelmed with Miracles!

My companion Elder Jensen told me that a year ago Sitiawan was the joke of the mission. After 4 months of him and Elder Fanning, it began to have more success! I am grateful for all of the missionaries who planted seeds over the last five years this area has been opened, and that Elder Jensen and I are now able to reap the rewards of their labor.

 We are working closely with ward members, who are amazing in the amount of help they give us! We have some Young Men who call us up to ask if they can come and teach with us! There is one young man waiting for his mission call which we will hopefully have by Saturday! He will be the second missionary to leave from Sitiawan! We are trying to prepare one man for the Melchizedek Priesthood! It seems that younger people are more receptive to our message, and that their parents often times are the ones to tell us "No."

Well, more miracles: "Pedro" has been doing splendidly! We had a lesson planned for him, about love and charity, but as we started, Elder Jensen turned it over to me, I blanked on the entire lesson plan, and then started by talking about something very related but just... different than what we planned. I don't think we did anything we had planned, but we achieved our goal, of bringing him to the understanding of the love Christ has for all men, and that he too can have that love for everyone.

We were able to talk with "This other wonderful man" and he was so incredible! He is developing a love for the Book of Mormon, and that is what we use to teach him. He is opposed to churches in general, but yesterday asked us about church, and what happens. We gave him a very brief rundown and then he asked more questions! Lehi's dream was a bit difficult for him... but it's still difficult for me :D

Oh! We had an appointment fall through randomly, and our back up we had already gone to (long story), so I suggested another investigator who is never home, Elder Jensen said... sure? So we went over, and some teenagers drove up next to us on their motos (motor scooters) and started talking to us, well we ran into them three more times on the way, so we just started to talk to them and we will teach one of them English and the other one is going to allow us to meet with him! I was feeling happy :D

I tried a fruit which looks like a jackfruit and smells like durian. The fruit also looks like a jackfruit, so I tried that and it had a very strong after taste, but I think I liked it! Elder Jensen said that durian is "worse" I think he just means "more flavorful!

Love you all :D

Very Intersting Week in Malaysia!

 I get to learn how to play badminton today!

Let me see, we were able to begin teaching someone who loves to hear about Jesus.  His name is unimportant at this time, but he is 12 years old.  His family is Buddhist, he was so happy about our message that he brought his two cousins over to listen to it ages 19ish and 21ish.  They were a little weirded out, but that's fine!

Well, we did have an incredible member set up a finding opportunity at KFC here- she had a friend who was interested, and she told her that we could go to KFC and eat lunch.  Well we got there, and there were two members, and then because students over here have tuition, and their tuition was upstairs above KFC, a ton of people began walking upstairs and we were able to introduce ourselves to about 4-6 people! It was quite enjoyable, and-- funny experience: one of them walked in and proclaimed Wah! Hen xui! (Wow! How handsome!) and Elder Jensen and I played it off, but then everyone else started cracking up and immediately informed her that we speak Chinese (at which point she crumpled to the floor in embarrassment).  She recovered pretty quickly though.  I think we made a lot of friends that day! Apparently thick eyebrows are a thing here, and blue eyes, so between Elder Jensen and I we have it covered.  We can also pretend not to hear anything we don't want to hear! It's marvelous, really.

Well, besides that entertaining experience, we were able to go and meet an old investigator and her family.  The mother is quite cute.  She told us that there is a random kid (daughter's boyfriend?) who is hiding at her house because he recently chopped someone's head off, and that her daughter is a prostitute, she is just...funny :D anyway, we watched 'Finding Faith in Christ' with her, and her little brother.  Her little brother, after watching it, immediately asked us to give him a blessing for his cold! So we did.  His sister then gave us her phone number, and set up an appointment to come back on Tuesday night.

Well, Tuesday night we found out a lot more about the family, the little brother thinks it is really neat that I wrestled in high school, and no one here has ever heard of pole vaulting, so that's hard to explain.  Ultimate Frisbee exists here!!!! I will be looking into that next week, this week I will learn what badminton is all about.

One of our investigator's is preparing for baptism this week, he is doing so well! He has given up a lot of addictions in his life, and it's incredible to see the Atonement working in his life.  The other 2 that we had scheduled for baptism this month were shut down by their father, so we have their aunt taking them to church, and in 8 years they will be able to make their own choices.  Their father is a pretty hard man.

That is one of the things that I am learning from being here.  Seeing the way parents treat their children has opened my eyes to what I really want for my family.  I never want my children to be afraid to come inside the home, because I am there.  It is a sad world we live in, and many people do wrong things for what they think are good reasons.  I think that one of the saddest things is to watch someone's agency removed.

I got invited to China!! One of our investigators from China asked if I ever wanted to go to China, I said... Of course I do! So she said that she will help me out! I'm excited! Elder Jensen said that in Singapore you get this a lot!

One of the coolest people, Jian Ming, told me that he thinks my Chinese is developing very well :D so that was a happy comment! It is almost hard to speak English here! Well... correct English.

I still have not tasted durian yet!! I was able to get a whiff of it yesterday though, it smelled... like durian! I never thought I would get used to sweating constantly, but I rather enjoy it :D Well, I am getting a little bit better at spicy food.  I tried some ginger rice and fish the other day.  That was very good!! In case anyone is wondering, their is peanut butter here, and peanut butter with ice cream, or on a pancake with ice cream on top is an excellent source of nutrition, and your taste buds will love you and treat you better!

Love Elder Black :D