Sunday, September 16, 2012

From Jacob's 9/16/2012 Email

Well, TRANSFERS happened this week, I finished being trained on Sunday, BUT! Never fear, for I am here (in Sitiawan) until Elder Jensen departs to America (Sometime in October) at which point I will "most likely" remain in Sitiawan to help the next Elder transfer in. So, theoretically I will be in Sitiawan until the end of January :D

Elder Alexius went home last week (he was from Sabah) and Elder Parker was transferred to KK (Malay speakers "heaven"). Elder Tyler and Elder Gibblet are replacing them. The entire mission has changed. There are 26 Malay speaking Missionaries who will come in on the 19th of September (the biggest number in the Singapore Mission's history), so nearly everyone in the mission is now training, the Zone's split from 9 Zones into 6 "Super Zones" Elder Jensen is no longer the District Leader (for which he is greatly relieved) due to most of the converts being interviewed need to be interviewed in Malay, and District's becoming larger as well. We are now a district with Ipoh (which is the home of the famous Sister Chris (Kris?) who endows the missionaries with food at every opportunity!) :D

There are a lot of exciting things happening. Well, this week was interesting... Elder Jensen had a terrible feeling about one man we met, and we basically ran away from the appointment.

Whatever talents you have, I would suggest you develop them...

We fasted yesterday for Yellow Rainbow*. She is the mother of a part-member family, and they love her so much. We arrived at her house, and her friends were all over, so we had to change our beautifully created 40 minute lesson plan into a short and powerful 10 minute plan. It was nice though, as she was able to teach her friends how to pray, and her daughter who dislikes the missionaries was there and snuck in to listen :D

I inherited a TON of food from Elder Parker as he left to KK, so now I am going to gain a bit of weight... well, more weight.

Pedro's* father is progressing! He is beginning to realize that Heavenly Father really does answer his prayers. He is beginning to realize why God gives us commandments, and how he can relate to God as a father. He is beginning to have spiritual experiences, and his testimony in the priesthood power of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is growing.

It is so easy to love people that you are serving. I can't believe how quickly the weeks fly by, how long the days are, and how many people you can care for! It rained about 5 days out of the seven this week :D

我非常爱我的家庭!!! 白长老

Much love, Elder Black

*All names have been changed for the insanity of the writer of this news.