Sunday, November 25, 2012


Malaysian news:

Well, my sister finally decided to grace the requests of a one "Jacob Hoeffling" and take pity upon his pleas for her hand in marriage.  Of course, and only naturally, I demand and request a background report on him.  As I am not there to ask the "IMPORTANT QUESTIONS" such as:  "If you were alone in a room with a zebra, what would be the first question you asked it?"  closely followed by: Crunchy or Creamy Peanut butter?  However, as I hear more and more, if he is deemed "passable/acceptable/by some miracle is worthy of the presence of my sister"  Then I would suggest to everyone who knows them to exhort them to engage in this matrimonial extravaganza on the 22nd of February, being a date which is beloved by all who "KNOW"  ;D Anyway, I am excited for my sister.  I hope everything works ot and that Mom doesn't get too stressed out.  This week was exciting/happy/sad and everything in between. :D  We were able to have some great lessons, the people are actally talking to us instead of slamming doors in our faces, the weather is nicer-- with lukewarm rain now :D  Elder Broadhead's language skills are progressing, his cousin is heading on a mission to Sacramento, California! Elder Savage is in touch with me, and he is heading out in JUNE! What an amazing opportunity! I hope he can make it to the wedding on the "22nd of February" ;D I love you all! I just finished up True to the Faith and Our Heritage.... this past week.  They were helpful to me in understanding the doctines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ more clearly,  Why we don't gamble, the doctrine behind that, the reason for many of the commandments.  I love you! :D 

Love, Elder Black =D