Sunday, December 16, 2012


This week was bery nice! I was able to eat a quarter of a Durian from the Ng family, and we were able to meet their friend 3 times between last week and today! We are getting better at contacting, which I think is coming from learning more about the culture here.  A lot of people are scared to see to white men with white shirts and ties knocking on their doors.... We usually get rejected, but it sure does make the day when we get a smile! I encourage everyon who ends up reading this to smile at people and live the Golden Rule (which I am discussing with a wise man right now :D)! The rainy season has begun, it was foggy this morning as we took a taxi to the bus station, which was neat! We have one investigator who has been learning for ages, who is starting to read the Book of Mormon! What a gift! It shows that God does answer prayers.  The hardest part of being a Missionary, is helping people understand that the only thing we really want them to do is read The Book of Mormon and pray about it.  And that everything else that they do will just come naturally as they read that divine book, and folllow the counsel which is clearly outlined within it.  I read a beautiful talk found at"the+book+of+mormon" that really blessed me with an understanding of why I feel so much better the days I truly study the Book of Mormon! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! That it will bless our lives and our families, and that it is true.  I love you all!!!  :D
Elder Black!