Sunday, January 6, 2013


I felt all of your love leap through the lines of this email as I read it.  What a wonderful and frightening age we live in.  From what I have been noticing lately as I have been pouring over the pages of recent and not so recent General Conference issues, is the importance of family and parents.  In fact, although it is children's and every one in this worlds dutt\y to obtain their own testimonies, parents are responsible for sparking their childrens testimonies.  I have also been reading about testimony, the Atonement and Priesthood.  I want to remind you all once more how incredibly amazing your parents are! Mom and Dad are incredible examples of being parents even when it is hard.  Do you remember how they wouldn't let us go to sleep overs no matter how long, and reasonably we asked? Elder Broadhead shared a talk with me about how sleep overs lead many youth to commiting their first serious transgressions, Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom etc.  I just hope that none of you overlook the inspired guidance of Mom and Dad in your lives as I have in the past.  I love them so much, and I promise each of you (Celester--Mandy) that if you will listen to the counsel of Mom and Dad, and as they fulfill their duty to God, then you will make it to the Celestial Kingdom with them! I have been realizing how important DESIRE is.  There is a wonderful talk on it, but it is important to understand that our Desires will lead us to prioritize our time, and lead us to make choices, that will change our character forever.  In the end, the character that we want to acquire is the Character of Christ.  Please, think about the actions you make every day.  Mother and Father have truly magnified their callings.  If we always were to have them in our minds (it's easier to have someone we know personally) and make our choices based off of their excited approval on our actions (not... well if you think that's the best decision....) then we will become like our parents! What a blessing!

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