Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24/2013 I slipped

I slipped and my foot hurts, so my attention span is very short today.  Nothing serious, just swollen :/  

Daddy!  I hope you are doing well! How is work?  How are the projects Mom has  been so excited you are working on coming>?  How is the Family in general?  Are preparations for the wedding under way?  How is that going?  Is Celeste excited? Are you excited?

Mommy:  I sure do love you! I got letters yesterday! No package yet, but I appreciate you and Richard and Corina for writting to me! That was sure appreciated! I have some letters that I will be trying to send soon.... I've been trying for months now!  I do love you MOmmy! You are my one and only!  How is Celeste doing? Tell her I love her!

Celeste:  I love you.  Don't forget me in all the excitement.  I expect updates from you and your hubby about how you are both doing.  Advice real quick: If you ever have a problem with Jacob, don't tell someone else the problem, ask for help on ways to improve something (Ex> Communication skills)  and Love him.  If he tries to serve you love him! Let him, enjoy him. :D

Richard:   Pole vault has started, you are probably incredibly tired, hungry, and happy! 11'6 and a 165lb pole?! Nice! How much do you weigh now? Lean mean eating machine? How is the priest quorum? Which of the YW are planning on serving missions? Tell Bishop I love him!

Corina:  How is the beautiful Corina? I sure do love you girl! You are my happy little girl ;D  How is singing coming along? I know that reading the BOM will bless your life! Keep it up! Keep finding service!

Rebekah: I encourage you to make a goal to go to the temple at least once a week! Try to do family history work, and take a name with you each time! I promise a greater sense of direction in your life as you do this! :D I love yoU!

Joshua:  You are my buddy! I love you! How are you Joshua?

Mandy:  I love you! I miss to hear you say my name, is mommy teaching you how to say it right? =D

Love you all.

Elder Black :D

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