Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31/13 Zone Conference picture

Thanks for sharing all!  This week we had transfers, I tried to forward the transfers all to Dad, but I am not sure if he got them or not. 

I am now with Elder Fabiano, and Elder Chong switched over to serve with Elder Harper in Sibu. That's about all! :D  OH! Happy Birthdays RICHARD AND DAD!!!... belated... sorry :/

Daddy:  I am impressed that Google Translate was able to translate that correctly! Well played... ;D I sure do love you Daddy! I am grateful for the emails you send! I was wondering if you had any tactics you used as a missionary in passing out the Book of Mormon.  Anyway, I love you! My Chinese was able to improve a lot with Elder Chong, now I am with Elder Fabiano, and I am hoping to keep up SYL.  I am looking forward to General Conference which I should be able to hear in about 2-3 weeks!  Congratulate Ally for me! That's awesome! I love you! 

Mommy:  I am so glad that the kids are able to spend time with their cousins! pretty soon the two of you will be grandparents!---- Ancient! ;D I am glad that you are able to find so many people who will help you out! Mandy sounds like she is growing up so fast! I hope she can still remember her happy quacky brother! I have been deciding to set more goals as a missionary, to help me overcome weaknesses in myself.  I really enjoyed the talk that you sent me a long time ago by Elder Anderson.  It did help me decide to make some changes this last Sunday.  Thanks for the Easter Package! I can't wait! Love you Mommy!

Richard:  What evaluation?  When are your papers getting sent in?! You should hurry up and send them in, because the sooner you go on a mission, the sooner we get to meet up again afterward, and then talk in Chinese and Korean about everything.  :D  It will be "most bodacious" :D  Aunt Sarah says that you are looking rather dapper lately. Nice! Love you brother!

Corina:  It sounds like you are having too much fun! Aunt Sarah says that you are turning into a beautiful young woman!  I wish I could see you! I sure do love you!  I am glad that you are finding church and sacrament meeting to be revelatory experiences! You're growing up so fast! What if you're married before I get home? ;D  I love you!

Rebekah:  You are playing the oboe as well now?! What grade are you in already?! I can't believe the school year is ending so soon! Ricahrd will be graduating.... You will be going to Stake Dances soon? :D  I want you to know, that Jesus Christ loves you.  He knows the thoughts of your heart, and He will help you as you allow him to help you.  Love your brother,  Elder Black

Joshua:  I will be on a mission for a whole year longer, plus 1-24 more months after that whole year! :D

Mandy:  Thanks for sharing that with me you beautiful girl! Don't forget you are my princess!

Love, Elder Black

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