Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3/2013 Thanks for sending me so much love!

I love you all too! :D Thanks for sending me so much love! 

Mommy:  Everything is settled down, and I am getting along very well with Elder Cranford.  We have a lot in common!  Well, I am eating a lot better now. I made a list of what to buy today at Tesco, and meals to go along with them, so don't worry too much!

Corina:  You have a phone?! I hope it's a good picture you're taking of me... ;D  Thank you  for your advice Corina! I have some for you as well! Decide on at least three pillars for your testimony (maybe: Prayer, The Book of Mormon, the Bible) and then focus on one until you have a testimony in it, and move onto the next one.  Make a list of all of your pillars! :D  Love you Corina! :D

Rebekah:  I haven't forgotten to write the YW, I just haven't sent the letter yet! I also just got a letter from you all! I appreciated it so much! Thanks Rebekah, I will have to add more on the back of the letter I already wrote.  I will try to send it sometime in the next month :D  I LOVE YOU!

Richard:  YOU'RE STARTING THE MISSION PAPERS?!!!?!?!?!?!?! :D That's so incredible! My guess as to where you are going is... "Colombia, Bogota Mission"  but that's subject to change on subtle impressions :D  TOGA! TOGA! They have those here.... kind of.  But completely different.  I might bring one back with me but I probably wont.  They are called Sarogs (sp?)   I had a brutal Senior year Richard, but it was really good for me.  Never take the easy path.  :D  You can do it.  You are Richard Black!!! A son of God! I love you so much! :D

Joshua Kelton Black:  I love you too! I will be back sometime in the next two years.  I am not quite sure when, but it will probably be in the year 2014! Then I will see you, and we can have a big hug, because I love you so much, and am so proud of my happy brother Joshua! :D

Mandy:  You are so special to me! I hope that Mommy is showing you pictures of me! Are you saying your prayers every night? :D I love you Mandy! I am glad you like nursery! You are my special girl! :D

Love you all! Thanks for your prayers and love!
Elder Jacob Emmanuel Black! =D

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