Monday, April 29, 2013

4/22-4/29/13-Mother's Day phone call.......

Emails are short today, I just got back from Nieah (sp....?) caves with the rest of my Zone.  It was really fun, I am pretty exhausted, and tomorrow is Elder Fabiano's birthday! We were originally not planning on going to the caves, but at the last minute we changed our minds.

Thanks for writing me! :D Mothers Day:  I will try to be calling you all by 8:30am according to time as I know it here on Saturday the 11th of May 2013.  However, this may change at any point in time! So... I will try to Skype at that time, but if I can't I will most likely call so that no one has to be around the computer all day.  This week we spent a lot of time knocking doors, but we are still searching for those who are prepared to hear our message! Other than that, I am having a great day, and a great mission :D

Daddy:  That sounds like a blast [attending wedding of Jacob's cousin Ariana]! I love you. :D

Mommy! I love that you are striving to be a better and better missionary! I know that God will lead and guide you in this great work! It has really helped me to understand how the Spirit works with me.  I am still learning a lot, but a year of serving alongside the Lord has helped me to learn much from Him about Him.  I am so grateful for the support I feel from you all! You are all so beautiful to me, but I just read in Jesus the Christ about the special word "Woman" Jesus used for His mother, and how special you are to me! I want you all to know that your love and prayers are felt over here in Malaysia! I love you Mommy!
Corina:  Thank you for sharing that with me! I am glad that you remember that I like that scripture [Helaman 10:5]! It makes me so happy! Corina, you sounds like you are growing into such an intelligent and smart girl! Tell me about the things that interest you the most right now! I would love to learn more about you! :D

Rebekah:  That sounds so fun! I remember doing that [ABODA music festival]! (I think....)  You got excellent?! You go Rebekah! I am so happy for you! Rebekah, I want to know how you are doing right now. How are your friends?  I love you so much you beautiful Cheetah girl you! You keep up the excellent work! 

Richard:  Stress... Missions are stressful... I will definitely pray for you! One thing that has helped me cope with stress is prayer-- basic and it works.  I kind of understand what you're going through, but if not, you will have to tell God about it all.  Thank you for your prayers! I love you so much Richard, and I always remember the great example you are for me.  Don't you worry about anything (besides God, ladies, and food of course)! :D Love, Elder (Bubby) Black!

Joshua:  You MOWED the lawn?! I am glad to hear that you are practicing your French! (Dad, if Joshua doesn't get this one--- you get to explain it to him! :D)  [Editor's note: Jacob's Grandpa Black referred to mowing the lawn as practicing French: "Mo de Lon." No idea if this even sounds French, but that's the history.] Mandy sounds like she is the BEST FRIEND!! I hope that you are making sure to keep her happy and cuddly! I hope you tell her that she is beautiful every day! I will come home next year, I love you too Joshua! :D
Mandy:  I miss you too! You are so happy! Can you talk yet?! How strong are you?  How old are you?  I love you so much! :D

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