Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22/13 Family news

Emails are short today, I just got back from Nieah (sp....?) caves with the rest of my Zone.  It was really fun, I am pretty exhausted, and tomorrow is Elder Fabiano's birthday! We were originally not planning on going to the caves, but at the last minute we changed our minds. 

Joshua!  I sure love you my brother! How are you doing?  Wow! Maybe when you are baptized I can come home and watch you! (just kidding, I will be home before then! :D)  Who is your teacher?  I am glad that you are having a Spring Open House! I hope that you have a wonderful time.  I hope that every day you give mommy a hug and tell her that you love her! :D I love you! 

Mommy: I am so happy for all the news! Maybe having a new baby sister is just what we need. (hahah ;D) HAHAH! hint hint... I encourage you to do just what the stake president has asked [be a missionary]! Well no one is really progressing, but we found a lot of service (building a bridge etc) that we can work on! We have also found a library to volunteer at-- have I ever told you that I love libraries?  :D  I really liked your words: This will be more than a _________ but more importantly a missionary opportunity"  Mom your sights are so pure, I wish the whole world had the unadulterated views that you have! What a blissful place we would live in!  I love you too Mommy!  (in chapter 13 of PMG there is a good idea for Mission Plans)

Richard:  I;m glad that you are reading from it [Preach My Gospel]! I really enjoy chapter 3.  It's probably my favorite.  I also like chapter 10 and others, those are just the ones well.. and 9 that I find myself turning to over and over again.  How are the Ladies treating thee?  Keep on being a gentleman and respecting Dad's good name! I love you brother, I talked about you today, and how excited I am for you to go and be serving a mission! It's going to be so hard! Make sure that you get used to loving people no matter what! :D  I love you to the moon and back, then through a random BLACK hole, and then stuck inside (which means time slows down to infinity) :D

Rebekah:  Malaysia is great, the weather never changes, and right now there are no investigators, so we knock lots and lots of doors, and encourage our members to do missionary work-- which they don't want to do because they don't realize how much the Lord will help them! I love you! I encourage you to keep reading from the Book of Mormon every day! :D

Corina:  I miss you too! I saw your other email, I was just saying today about how mature you are (and beautiful I shall add)! Keep up your positive attitude!  Build around your strengths like Moroni did! :D

Mandy: I love you too my little princess!

Daddy:  That's big news [opening a new law practice]! I will pray for you, and I was prompted to pray for you a few nights ago.  I love you very much Dad! I will pray for you all the time now! I promise you as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ that if you pray every morning and diligently study the scriptures every day your eyes will be more opened and your heart enriched by what the Lord has prepared for you!!! :D Love your favorite son, Elder Black! :D

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