Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013 Email

Daddy:  What are you opening up? a Law practice, or an arbitration practice? Where is it located?  Learning how to estimate heights and widths [in Scouts] sounds fun! I will have to learn it some day! I am glad that it sounds like you are receiving a lot of support from everyone you love! Sounds like your literal struggle with the toilet [removing screwdriver] was an adventure and a learning experience! ;D I love you a lot Daddy, you are a great example, and the family needs you so much! :D
Mommy:  It sounds like you are doing everything under the sun and still finding time to make sure that everyone loves you! You are so incredible! Super Mommy! :D I can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day.  I will most likely only have a relatively (compared to last time) short time to speak with you, I really want to hear all of your testimonies, and advice that you all may have for me.  I really want to look into all of your eyes and tell you that I love you! Well, I want you to know Mommy that you are special to me.  That I wouldn't be around without you.  That I love you so much! I think that I know why all little boys need a Mommy like you-- it's because loving happy helping mommies like you turn scared and anxious little boys into happy secure and healthy Fathers.  I am so grateful for the times you've put up with me, and taught me.... even ("On Guard") ;/  Love you so much! :D
Corina:  Thank you so much for telling me all about yourself! I am so happy that you like to bake! My last companion was also a baker! He made some really delicious egg tarts one time! I didn't know that you liked to sew! How is that going for you?  What are you working on now?  Corina, you are very beautiful, don't forget to study the scriptures, and God can help you learn wisdom--- both Heavenly wisdom and earthly wisdom (like biology) :D
Richard:  YOUR PAPERS ARE ALMOST DONE!!!! :D I expect a reporting on Saturday about everything! I know that you will be going to Spain, serving there ;D Hahah, actually I don't but, I can't wait to see where you will be serving! Nice! Make sure to take the antibiotics and learn from you poow widdle bwuddah that infected wounds in the mouth HURT! :D I bet you'll do amazing on the AP tests.  Make sure to make the Lord a part of your studies! :D  Love you so much!

Rebekah:  You got to go to Great Gma's? :D That sounds wonderful! How is my princess doing?  Are you okay?  Do you still smile at everyone?  I remember some days when your smile came out like the sun and made my day so happy!  Please never stop laughing and loving like you always do! You are so beautiful! I love you too sweet girl!

Joshua:  I love you Joshua! You keep on loving Mandy! :D

Mandy:  I love you! :D

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