Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day phone call

It was wonderful to hear from Jacob Friday evening (it was Saturday for him). Not only to hear from him, but to see his face.  He looks great!  Mandy knew right off the bat who he was and said clearly "Hi, Jacob."  When Richard told Jacob he would be leaving for his mission after a semester of college in  order to secure his scholarship, which means they will not see each other for a long time, it was poignant to see the disappointment.

The highlight was hearing Jacob bear his testimony in Mandarin Chinese. What a powerful testimony it was, And we couldn't understand anything he was saying, other than, we knew we felt the holy spirit present as he bore witness.  Then in English.  Both times He bore testimony with the spirit and authority, which we all felt. I felt my mother's day was complete.  It was a blessing to have the missionary spirit and the strength of his testimony fill our home and our hearts.  I hope he seeks and finds the opportunity to bear his testimony to all with in the sound of  his voice.  So that others may be blessed as well!

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