Sunday, July 7, 2013


我读你所写的话折后·,我开始·笑! 我真的·爱您·。  谢谢您一直给我快快乐乐!

So my keyboard was stuck in Chinese, and I was lazy to turn it off, but this one is for Dad, I hope Google translate is as good as it says it is! ;D

Thanks for the update! I am glad you are the happiest Daddy in the world! I hope that I am a small role in helping you feel that monumental joy! I bet Mom trumps me though, make sure to give her a BIG HAPPY, embarrassing hug for her in public with the whole family around, so that everyone can delight in the joy of our parents!

Quick thought:  Elder Fabiano was relating his scripture study during companionship study today, and he mentioned Helaman 5:...8?9? Where Helaman is giving his sons the gizzard power talk, and he tells them to do good for eternal riches.  Elder Fabiano said: "is it right that we should be selfish?-- then he said:  Then I realized that the treasures here are: living with God, Jesus Christ and our families."  That opened my eyes to a world of possibilities-- the scripture in proverbs: Happy is the man who has his quiver full of children (not exact quote, wish I had my Bible on me).  I thought of you! It looks like you are on your way to the happiness that is being prepared for you after this life! I love you!  I don't remember the girl, but I do remember GIZZARD POWER! :D

Mommy!  Thanks for asking and checking up on me!  I probably don't get my testimony out at every house I knock on (just so everyone knows, I have knocked on maybe three doors so far, everyone has  a giant gate in the front of their house to keep away from their doors).  But I am trying now to bear my testimony when I get the chance of the restoration and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon! The golden contact I alread explained, but she is still nervous about baptism, because as she read the Book of Mormon, she saw how the people kept turning back to their wickedness! She said she never wants to be like that, and she wants to repent of her sins.  She is having a problem praying, so we talked with her and her family about that last night.  I love you!!
Richard:  You are my brother for sure! When I say this, I am referring to the happiness you exude in everything you do! I love you so much! Don't you let anything keep you away from the Temple, The Mission, The Marriage in the Temple to Someone Approved by Yours Truly.  You will be on a mission for 2 years, so you will definitely miss out on my marriage, but I will be sure to have about 3 extraordinary damsels lined up for you ;D  Thanks for your prayers. I will be sure to be grateful to my Maker each night! and Morning., and Always~ :D I love you!
Corina:  Wow! It sounds like you are able to listen to so much! I am glad you shared with me the experience that Jacob H. had on his mission! I am grateful for the love I feel when you email me! I know that you are such a great helper in our family! Will you please pray for Rebekah, that you can love her, and understand her? She is special to me, and I am glad the two of you are having less contentions, because you are special to me also! Please, love each other enough to be happy together!
Rebekah:  I did want to hear more from you! :D I am glad that you have more time to email me now, I love hearing from you, I love you so much! Celeste and I had a similar experience (always being mean to each other).  We both changed one day, we both aren't sure why, but you should talk to Celeste and ask her if she remembers why.  I remember that I love her, and I think that was the biggest determining factor.  I love you and Corina too! I think that as we remember that one day we are going to live together for eternity, it helps us think of the relationships that we want to share with everyone.  An old companion of mine told me about a companion he had that he didn't get along very well with.  Then he was switched to another companion who did all the same things the first one (he didn't like) do, except they didn't bug him, because he loved this companion.  Pray for love Rebekah! I love you so much! :D
Joshua:  You are my brother. I love you! I love you so much! You are so nice and happy!
Mandy:  I love you! You aren't so little anymore! I hope you are still as happy as I remember ;D

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