Sunday, July 7, 2013


Jacob is district leader in Miri
As I was pondering late one night (probably at 9:40pm) I realized that all I need to do to change the whole world, was to baptize EVERYONE! Now, of course this may seem like a silly statement,

but really--    think about it...       IF everyone is baptized then everyone has committed to keep all of the commandments of the Father, which bring about all of the blessing that God has which He is unable to bless us with!  :D

So where do I start? :o  With my family: Check.  Friends... not yet...

Anyway, great stuff.  Missionary work is the most satisfying work ever!

We have been working with our two investigators a lot! Her son drank some green tea early this week because none of them can read English or Bahasa Malay.  We moved back their date, helped them read and recognize the word "tea" and taught them more clearly the Word of Wisdom-- all teas that have caffeine and/or tea leaves are in violation of the Word of Wisdom.  They understood this.  Then on Saturday as we were meeting with them, and talking about our modern prophet, we asked what revelation she had received that day.  She said, "...none?" Then a few minutes later she said that she had received revelation that day, that she was grateful that her date was pushed back with her sons to the 29th of June because it gave her more time to "be fully and utterly converted."!!! I was so happy when I heard her say this! I can't describe the feelings that enveloped me! We asked how she came to feel this way.  She told us that as she waits for us, she reads the Liahona and scriptures.  That she learned about full conversion and felt that it was the only way to live.  She is already purer in faith than most members I have ever met.  What a beautiful miracle.  She is ready for her baptism, and has the temple as her goal.
I love you all family! I love everything that you do for me, especially your prayers-- Mom, I got your letter last week! Love you ALL! :D
Elder Jacob E. Black :D

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