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Well, more news from Malaysia:

 Our investigators are now on date for June 15th to be baptized, and June 16th for the Holy Ghost.  They still need to overcome the Word of Wisdom though, and the Cousin leaves for China on the 18th.  They are incredible though and fasted and came to sacrament this week! :D  I am in Singapore writing this for Zone Conference. :D

Daddy:  Thanks! I got your email about how you love me and our Heavenly Father! I love you too! I love my Heavenly Father as well! :D  I have been so happy this past week! I can't describe the happiness that teaching this family has brought into my life! I have also started singning songs whenever I begin to feel stressed out or uncertain about things. I have started waking up with Hymns in my mind -- Sunday was:  The Day-Dawn is Breaking I just love being able to wake up and be singning to myself! I thought of you, and O My Father, and Hark All Ye Nations, and other songs that you love to sing.  I love you so much! :D
Mommy:  I can sure feel your prayers! Thank you for you suggestion! I will definitely need to lean more on my Savior.  What concert is this?  Will you tell Bishop Skinner I say Hi and that I love him?  I am happy that summer is going so well for you right now!  I sang "I often go walking" and I thought of you mommy! I love you forever! :D
Richard:   I will definitely pray for you! I can't wait for you to blow the world away with your wisdom and overall intelligence! I was thinking about where you would be serving, and since I served in this mission, I think that you will leave to come serve here in about May ;D Hahah, I am proud of you watching out for Corina.  I love YOU! :D

Corina:   Thank you for telling me about Youth Conference! I love that you would write out that song! I hope that you remember how much I love you! Forever and ever little sister! :D When are you getting your Patriarchal Blessing?  Are you going to the Temple every week with Richard and Rebekah?  I know and promise you that if you do, you will be blessed with an outlook towards the temple, and will be blessed with power beyond your own to overcome the temptations of Satan when the need arises.  I know as a servant of the Lord that He loves you! :D  I do too! =D
Rebekah:  Wow! You got stung?! I am glad that you are feeling good (not dead or anything ;D) and that you were so smart and loving to take care of Mandy! That sounds just like what Jesus Christ would do-- taking care of those He loves and worrying the most about them no matter WHAT! :D  Ah.  Maybe you can pray that he will remember, and ask Dad to remind him, or remind him yourself! :D  I love you so much Rebekah! =D
Joshua:  I am gone! I am glad that you used the birthday tray! :D I love YOU!
Mandy:  You are my little BIRTHDAY girl! I actually told people it was your birthday and that you are two years old now! That means that when you are 18 Celeste could have a 16 year old Daughter! :O :D Love you!

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 1:58 PM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
Dear Jacob,

Mandy had her birthday Thursday, but we had breakfast in bed today because Richard and Corina were at Stake Youth Conference Thursday - Saturday. Thursday night, Richard and Corina called home to wish Mandy a happy birthday. When we told Mandy, she ran to the cupboard and got out the breakfast-in-bed tray. Cute-ster! When the big day arrived this morning, she enjoyed it, but didn't understand why I was trying to get her back to her bedroom.

Last night, we were going to go to a Haws potluck, but we didn't have food and people ready to go until 1-1/2 hour late. We instead ate at home and went to Candlelight park. It was really fun.

Love, Dad

Dear Jacob,
Youth conference was fun. i think that Corina's tribe took good care of her so it was all good. I didn't worry too much about it but you never know about nina's. the speakers at the conference were amazing and the theme was "Doubt not ...fear not"D&C 6:36  At least I think that was the reference. The speakers had so many great stories of trials and how to get over them and find joy in the gospel. It was fun to be uplifted by them. I am so glad that you are being a obedient and serving a mission. I have been set apart to work as the first assistant now, and it is gonna be fun to get to work. Pray for me, alright? love you so uber much.
Richard Black

Dear Jacob,
Love you so much!  I have been praying for you.  The summer has been great so far.  The children have been working hard.  We will do our first concert this Thursday.  I'm a little nervous(or a lot) I hope it will be a fun uplifting and enriching experience for us, I hope we can bless the lives of those we serve, and bring happiness to them.  I hope you are continuing to work hard.  I read in the book Bishop Skinner gave to every family ,"The Power of Everyday missionaries"  that when we do missionary work, the Lord lends us his spirit because missionary work puts us on the battle front.  I have been pondering that.  I think service has a lot to do with missionary work.  I hope you are remembering to let The Savior make up the difference when you feel inadequate and to redeem you, or to make you better than you are.  I love you son. 

Dear Jacob!
     I finally did it! I am going to interview for my patriarchal blessing on Tuesday!  I also bore my testimony in sacrament meeting! Sooo scary! Stake Youth Conference was sooo awesome! Curiously, I didn't cry 'till this testimony meeting. Thankfully not during my testimony. It(Stake Youth Conference) was so good! It felt like we were their for a whole week and it was really only about two days total! Ed Lameroeax (I actually have no idea how to spell it but it sounds like lamb-er-oh) was soo cool! He taught us a song:
I will not doubt
I'll work it out
the Lord is my God
hear me shout
never fear
he is near
I can climb every mountain
at the top I'll be shoutin'
yes, the Lord is my God
do not doubt

or something like that. its actually quite catchy!I love you Jacob!!! I am so glad you are on a mission! Keep being you! Like Al Fox said, as long as you are doing everything you can and turn to God for the rest, you can do anything.

Dear Jacob,
You are gone. I used the birthday tray!

Jacob. Thursday was Mandy's birthday. I was reading a story to her, and we were sitting on the step in between the living room and office because the door was open, and I moved my foot to a different spot, and there was a mean old scorpion there and it stuck its tail in my heel! The sting itself didn't hurt that bad, it was the venom that made it hurt. It went up to the top of my leg. It felt really weird, and it hurt pretty bad. I didn't get to kill it though, because i was too busy getting mandy out of the way. I'm not as scared of scorpions anymore, and it was good it stung me and not Mandy. The next day, we found a dead scorpion in the living room. I hope it was the same one. i love you. In my annual interview with the bishop, i told him about wanting to get a patriarchal blessing, and he wanted to give an article on patriarchal blessings, but he hasn't. and I don't want to talk to bro Cannon about an interview for that because he wants me to read that first. It's frustrating. I love you. Love, Rebekah.    


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