Sunday, July 7, 2013


This last week we were able to have a wonderful Zone Conference! In it we were taught about the importance of being good (being like the Savior), the importance of member presence, the importance of learning and excelling in our mission language (Chapter 7 is also the focus this month for the entire mission), as well as the importance of unity in our companionship.  I think that our family back home is really good at that!

 I also remembered that... well, I was told by President Mains that this Sunday is Father's Day, so I decided to remind the family to jump on Dad, scare him, wrestle him, tickle him, pamper him, make breakfast in bed for him, massage his feet for him, do the silly game with the funny face, ape grunts, and no smiles, and make it a special day for him! Dad, I tell you all the time, but I am glad you picked out the best person ever to marry (I think this is what we are supposed to thank our fathers for on Fathers Day... ;D) also, you are an incredible and stalwart example to me.  I love you! :D

Daddy:  Don't worry, if I get your email late I will read it when I can!  I love you and wanted you to know that I appreciate all the nights that you came in and whispered you loved me.  I probably don't remember too many of them, but I remember feeling safer and more loved every time I was alert enough to hear you speak those words! I love the power of your gizzard, and the man that you have become.  I used to think all adults were made "awesome" after marriage, because you and mom (although not perfect) were so good at being purely awesome and sheerly bodacious.  I just want to make sure you realize that I understand now how patient you were with me as I grew up.  I never noticed how much patience you had until Aunt Elizabeth pointed it out one night to me.  You were so patient with my schooling, with encouraging and persuading me to choose the right, and helping me feel responsible for all the choices (good or bad) that I ever made.  You are a great example of a man becoming perfect through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and someone who is converted to the Lord out of Love, Wisdom and Faith! I love you Daddy!

Mommy:  (Thanks for making Daddy awesome ;D) I am so grateful that I am always able to hear such wonderful things from my family! Other missionaries talk about how their families tell them about current events and things that are happening, and I am sad that they don't have a mother like mine! Who tells me the most important things each week-- I love you, you testimony, and the important things in our family.  I am so happy that you have such an internalized eternal perspective and taught me wisdom in my youth to enable me to have such a wonderful attitude and outlook on life! I am your little buddy! :D

Richard:  Richard, I prayed for you this week, and I thought that Elder Callister's talk from last General Conference really applied to you right now.  I encourage you to read it, and seek inspiration from it! I realized as I read it that I did not internalize the principals I knew when I was in the position you are in now.  I know that the Lord will lead and guide you as you seek his help in this marvelous enterprise!  You are incredible! Oh, make sure to have all of your scripture mastery's down.  It's easy to see the difference between a missionary who is familiar with the scriptures, and one who really knows and understands them.

Corina:  Corina!  I am so happy that as I continue to read your emails, I am continually blessed by the thought of you growing so mature and so wise! I am absolutely certain that your Heavenly Father is pleased with you, and has a great deal of incredible things that he is enthused to help you accomplish! Have you already received your Patriarchal Blessing?  When are you planning on getting it (if not)?  Have you been keeping a good journal? I love you! (The journal is something I am improving on).

Rebekah:  Sweet Rebekah :)! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to email you each week! I hope that you are able to read them and that they offer you a small amount of comfort and guidance to get you through the week!  You told me last week that you were concerned with a problem that you were noticing between yourself and Corina.  You also mentioned it was happening less and less frequently.  This inspired me to think of the story of the people of Alma.  They had heavy burdens placed on them, and instead of removing these righteous people from their situation, the Lord gave them strength to be able to face their circumstances with fortitude and strength! I know that as you begin to pray and plead with the Lord to help you know what it is that you need to change, and what you can do to help others, He will strengthen you to face your everyday challenges! I love you so much! I know that you are such a good girl and doing the things like reading every day, and praying that you know you should do.  Love, your biggest brother!

Joshua:  Joshua! How are you my hero?  I think that you are strong and faithful like the stripling warriors! You can do things like helping mom to clean that NO ONE ELSE CAN! You can help others feel happy when you smile and laugh with them! I love you brother!

Mandy:  Your smile is like the sunshine, it chases frowns away.... it makes your brother happy, and live another day ;D Hahah, I love you princess! =D

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