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This week: 
So, I usually don't include to many experiences, but you kept asking for them... so:

Monday night we were able to meet with an incredible part member family, and the husband is searching for truth, and said that he is willing to prepare for baptism and search for happiness with his family!

Tuesday was incredible, Elder Wilson from the Asia Area Presidency and President and Sister mains all came to our District Meeting and we were able to ask him questions for about an hour.  Then Elder Fabiano and I met with President Mains, Elder Wilson, Elder Martin and Preisdent Chan (The Chinese Group Leader).  It was fun translating for them all.  There was one night where we got kind of a new glimpse of Miri-- We were walking around these houses that had been built over a river, imagine wooden hut, connected to three or four others, the connection being a single wooden bridge about 3 feet wide with gaps in between.  It was an interesting area and we were able to meet one person who was willing to meet with our Malay speaking friends!

Thursday:  30+ people came to English class! we had about 7-8 members! IT was so neat to see that many people take the initiative to go and learn something they knew would be advantageous for their lives! There is  a parallel here--- free English class that will advance and bless your life, but you have to come yourself to see and enjoy (make it a priority etc), and the everlasting Gospel, free to all those who act on the invitations within, and live in obedience to find an advantageous and happy life! :D

On Friday night we had a lot of meetings, but at about 4pm we discovered all of our appointments had fallen through.  We looked out at the cloudy, and sporadically raining day, and thought: Here goes! Then we went to a former investigator's home we had tried a few times without any success.  We went, and someone was outside, who immediately invited us in, and told his some to come down to talk with us (then he-- the one who invited us in-- went away).  We were able to talk, and understand concerns, and set up a return appointment.  Then later as we continued contacting (trying to pass out a copy of the Book of Mormon), a house full of people locked their door, but Elder Fabiano knocked again, and the father came out.  He put on his shirt, and talked with us for quite a while.  Then he liked us, so he invited us in to pray with him and his family.  He said that he would contact us when he wanted us to come back, but that he would read what we gave him and think about it (the Book of Mormon).  His wife also said that she saw an add in the newspaper for our English class, and might send her sons over.  It was nice to know that after we do our best, the Lord intervenes, that He is preparing the hearts and the minds of people everywhere to accept the glad message of the Gospel! :D

Interesting experience:  Sunday after church as we go to where our bikes are locked, we find that someone has stolen Elder Fabiano's pedal, and the small piece that keeps a bike seat at the right height from my bike (this is the third time).  We were able to head over to the Zone LEader's home where Elder Snyder made us "Man Burger minus Roti Norris (that's Chuck Norris).  It was great! Then we were able to go teach another part member and her family who all said they will be at church next Sunday! :D  What a beautiful week!   I'd like to bear my testimony that the Priesthood is restored, Jesus is the Christ.  He lives.  He directs his church today through the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, who received the keys he holds from Jesus Christ in a direct line passing through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Daddy:   It's nice to see that you are so busy! How is the actual increase in pay-- what I mean, is that do you have enough work that the actual number of people who pay you on time has increased in percentage?  How are you dealing with stress?  Are you eating well, exercising? I love you so much Daddy! :D
Mommy:  So I tried to answer most of your questions about what I am doing up there ^ :D I love you Mommy!  How about you?  What do you spend most of your time doing these days?
Celeste:  I love you Celeste! (make sure she gets this please! :D)
Richard:  I am so happy that you are my buddy! What I mean by this is that I agree with you.  You are becoming a man so fast! I hope I can keep up.  I hope you never lose your unconquerable spirit, and great humor!  :D  What is your favorite part of work?  Best friend right now?  How is PMG doing?
Corina:  Thank you so much Sister! I love you so much! I am so glad you tried to find the picture! :D

Rebekah:  I love the Atonement! Tell Mason I say "hi" and that I love him! I am so glad to see that you are enjoying the meetings you attend! You are so beautiful.  I love you-- never forget it! :D
Joshua:  Love you buddy! maybe you can dance and sing for me?

Mandy:  Mandy, you keep on being my special little girl! :D

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 11:48 AM, Kelly G. Black <> wrote:
Dear Jacob,
Hi!  It's so good to hear from you!  It sounds like the work is moving forward.  I'm very proud of you.  That is way cool about our family picture!  As I think of Elder Fabiano  holding it up, I remember feeling the spirit so strong with the impression that getting that family picture ready for you was very important.  It has been a blessing to have it in our home these months while you've been gone, but I can see it has blessed more than just our family. We continue to have more miracles and think you should keep praying for them.  It sounds like the language is coming along really great1  I'm real happy for you about that, and guess that has something to do with more success.  I love you so much and I'm so thankful to have you there on a mission.  Daddy has had some very late nights working to keep up with deadlines.  We pretty much miss him, but are grateful for the work!
Keep working hard and following the spirit.  It always knows, and never lies.
Keep telling us more about all that you're doing.  We love to hear all about it,
Love you forever

Dear Jacob, I am soo glad you are having a lot of success!!! We are in the news?!?! cool-io!!! I tried to look it up but couldn't find it:( We didn't have a teacher in Sunday School, so it was really weird... we just shared cool mission stories we had heard and such... anywho, I like my new choir teacher. I am glad he is the one because he kind of reminds me of Mr. Sapakie. My seminary teacher is Bro. Brookes. He is really cool!! I helped clean up at Jocelyn's wedding and it was fun... I lifted some really big plants with Richard. Oh!!! I am getting my braces off in two weeks!!!!! I am soooooo excited!!! I love you sooo much!!! don't forget to smile!
P.S.- we talked about temple marriages this week in Young Women's! It was really good, especially since Odelise, a guest that I have met once before, was here! 
Dear Jacob, today in sacrament meeting Mason Duncan gave his homecoming g talk and it was really good. it was about the atonement. brother free (from the stake high counsel) talked about the atonement too. a nonmember girl named Odelise and her mom came to church today with Cheyenne Campbell. I think she liked it. I love you! Rebekah.

Dear Jacob,

It's your favorite Dad! I have had an excess of work lately, and will need to hire someone to help me with it. Richard came in on Friday and, with his help, I was able to get a LOT more done than on my own. But when school starts, he'll only have like 8-10 hours per week available, then will be gone on his mission.

Brother Pew is moving at the end of the month. Your mother told me more than I remember, but apparently someone offered to buy their house and they made the deal happen quickly. Their daughter Kayle (sp?) is going on a mission (this week, I think), so they would have just had the two of them in that big house.

Mandy's been wheezing, and I need to wrap up to bring her some medicine. I love you forever!

Love, Dad

To Jacob from Mandy:

"A mission." [In response to my question: what do you want to say to your brother, Jacob, who's on a mission?]

"A dink of water." [A nightly request, which just popped up in the middle of our discussion.]

"I love you."

"I wanna baby." [Looking at a doll across the room.]

"Look ... this ... this." [Demonstrating two different ways of holding her fingers.]

To Jacob from Joshua:

"So much fun I can't think about it. All I remember is going to the library." [Talking about his week. To fill in: he started home school this week.]

And I love you. And you're the best missionary in the whole world."

To the most awesomest Jacob in the worlds:
I think the underlying principle is a combination of two: God loves us, a lot, and that He wants us to know it through His gospel. It isn't just that but I have been thinking lately about how everything in the world, especially the gospel and the Atonement, spring from God's love. i think we teach it first because it introduces the pure and simple truths of the gospel that will ring true to the souls of those who hear them if their hearts are open to the Spirit and sometimes even if they aren't. Mason gave his homecoming talk, and I took one thing out of it: you have to rely on the Spirit when you teach, because it is the Spirit that changes hearts. With tons of loves,
El Ricardo Negro

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