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The Week:  :D
So much happened this week! I think I will have to start with Thursday, and I apologize in advance for all the ramblings, misspellings, and just over enthusiasm in general.

  Thursday:     It started out great because it was Elder Fabiano's year mark, so I naturally felt compelled to tackle him in a giant bear hug before he could begin his prayer, and from there the day got BETTER! :D

What followed next was a huge organization of a surprise party for Elder Fabiano at Pizza Hutt.  This meant that we had to set up with everyone at the local roti canai shop, then call the Zone Leaders, and have them make sure everyone knew it was actually at Pizza Hut, then I had to call them and make sure they knew to call and "cancel" the whole thing.  Then I suggested to Elder Fabiano that we just go to Pizza Hut because it was his year mark and we wanted to celebrate.  Arriving there after placing a copy of the Book of Mormon, and seeing the Sisters and Zone Leaders there was awesome! Elder Fabiano was surprised for sure!

Well, the finale has not yet come! Afterward, there was an incredible show up at English class of 51 attendees, and more than 2/3 were non-members! :D It was so incredible.  Friday I went on exchanges with the incredible Elder Snyder (I hope someday he reads this :D) and he taught me so much! Mostly we just laughed, talked, and DID WORK.  I am learning so much about myself, especially how important relationships and people are, but also... how much I don't know! It's an incredible fact that the more one learns the more they want to learn-- In General Conference there is a quote that I'll try to paraphrase-- Learning isn't so much as the giving of knowledge as it is the lighting of a fire.  Most important things... I love you all so much! :D
Daddy, Mommy, Celeste, Richard, Corina, Rebekah, Joshua, Mandy:
I am so grateful for the support I receive from you all.  I love you all so much! It's incredible that love can get stronger or weaker (according to the "heed and diligence" we show unto it") and ours has only grown closer!
Joshua I look forward to playing with you, and learning from you, and helping you get ready for a mission and to go to the temple!
Rebekah, thank you so much for telling me so much about your life! I am so grateful that I have you for a sister! I am so glad you told me all aobut the trombone and oboe thing! I love you.
Richard:  GO FIGHT WIN!  Thanks for telling me about your diligence in studying PMG.  I know that as you live the principles within PMG< you will become a more converted missionary, and son of God.  I love you! :D
Mandy:  I love you! Thanks for telling me you love me! Keep playing with Joshua!
Daddy:  I have learned a lot about what conversion means-- what do you think the correlation is between conversion and consecration? (I'm not testing you, genuinely curious) :D
Mommy: I hear you are eating with my companions mommy tomorrow! NICE! tell her that Elder Fabiano:  Is an incredible friend.  He has taught me many lessons.  I love him.  The people here love him.  He is a natural leader.  He is bold, and loving.  He has a sincere desire to do good.   He gives of himself and thinks of others constantly.  He is a tribute to a great mother. 
Corina:  Thanks for that! I love you so much and I am glad that you noticed God's hand in your life! :D
Love you all so much! :D

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
To Jacob from Mandy:
[Would you like to say something to Jacob?] "Jacob Black"
[Shall we say, "I love you, Jacob"?] "Yeah."
[What do you like to play with?] "Dolls, babies, Joshua, babies."
Love, Mandy
To Jacob from Joshua:
I love you ... I love I love I love you ... I love you you you. You are one of the best brothers a brother could ever have. Do you go to Church?
Jacob, me and Richard are having fun with Mandy too.
I'm glad someone is getting ready to be baptized.
Jacob, when you get home, I'm going to love it because ... don't you wake up early? ... because I do and if you do, we're going to have some time alone if you want to .. it's just you and me.
Done. I love you, Joshua.
To the Bestest Jacob Evers:
As Rebekah says: macaroni and cheese! I know, it is nonsense, but someday we will probably realize that she really was speaking words of wisdom. I am going to stop working for brother Durfee and start working for Dad exclusively. Hopefully it will be awesome. Usually the snacks are what I look forward to, but I ate them all already. But anyway, PMG is going great. I will read out of it mostly every night and it's been amazing. The Mission prep class just started up again. It is so great. When you get back you should ask about being a district leader for it. I am going to give my papers to bishop next Sunday and then get the stake pres. to turn them in early September. It's gonna be awesome!

Hello, son.  How are you doing this week?  I love you so much!  We love hearing about what you are doing!  We are settling into a semi routine with school starting.  Church was great to day.  I don't remember the talks, but did enjoy that Joshua and Mandy were reverent for the whole first part of the meeting and they did alright the second.  Relief Society was about Unity and  was good.  We went to choir and Richard took the turn to help the little ones at home.  Dad had a meeting with the stake sunday school presidency and his counselors.  Richard's getting his classes all squared away and getting his books.  I've been homeschooling Joshua, and it has been a very unique experience.  Tomorrow is Monday eagle ridge.  It will be his 2nd time.  It has been a sweet joy to watch Joshua mature and grow and to see him and Mandy together.
Love you lots

jacob, just fyi, mom always asks what to have for dinner on a certain day, and I always say: "Macaroni and Cheese!" She asked about that earlier today, and it was probably while richard was writing his email. For Personal progress, i am working on being more spiritual. Spirituality has been explained to me as the ability to see the hand of the Lord in all things.  It's been a good start of the year for me.  My schedule is: A hour: Algebra 1,  1st hour: English,  2nd hour: P.E.,  3rd hour: Social Studies,   4th hour: Spanish 1,  5th hour: Science,  6th hour: Band.  Band is so much more fun this year with the kids my age, and the kids are a little less...interesting.  It's my favorite class because 1) we get to make music 2) i get to play my trombone (which is really fun) 3) I have lots of friends who don't judge me and 4) th e teacher is really nice. I don't really think I want to play oboe anymore, because my band teacher told me to go this "professional oboe teacher, who had me play on a harder reed, which is impossible, and then some family crisis came up and she cancelled lessons until school starts, and I was going to play oboe and trombone for band, but now I can't because I don't have a summer o f lessons under my belt, and I 'm going to have to start next semester, but now i don't really want to play oboe that much anymore, 'cause I'm oboed out, with everything that's happened, plus she changed her mind like every week when we were doing lessons.  there are like no other good teachers that don't live in like Tuscan, so i think I'm going to quit and do percussion, 'cause we have like three percussionists. Love you, Rebekah.

Dear Jacob,
     Hey! I feel that God has been blessing me and guiding me this week. I went to the MCC Institute to take my Bio test and was prompted several times about the questions:) afterwards, we went to MCC to ask questions about dual and concurrent enrollment. We were given info about the process and such, and we went home to think about it. Serious questions of how I would want to do the next few year of school came up, and I was really pondering what to do. We went to the temple grounds and then at home talked some more. Then Dad found a site for MAPP, a program of ASU's that tells you what classes are required if you want to transfer. It was perfect! Dad and Mom and I made a schedule of all the classes I would have to take for a math major. It all fell into place! It reminds me of my patriarchal blessing where it says to do what I can (scheduling my test, which was really hard for me) and He would take care of the rest in His timetable. Isn't that cool? Even before that, I was prompted with who I should pick to proctor my test and because of the proctor location I was able to find everything that I have! I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
  Corina Black

To Jacob from Dad:

It's 9:14 pm, so I'll write quickly.

Met with stake Sunday School presidency message. One of their main points: "Sunday School is the new MTC." There's no longer an extra year after high school to get ready, and time in the MTC keeps getting shorter and shorter, so our missionaries need to be prepared while they are in Jr High and High School (and earlier, of course).

Related main point: the Teacher Development course, Preach My Gospel, and Come Follow Me (the new youth Sunday School and AP/YW teaching program) are purposefully designed to complement each other, so the teachers can convert missionaries and the missionaries can convert investigators.

Lots of additional thoughts of love and enthusiasm for my missionary son!

Love, Dad

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