Sunday, August 4, 2013


Daddy:  WOW! On time to Sacrament and even Ward Council?! That is incredible! I wanted to tell you that this week tomorrow Elder Wilson (of the Seventy) and President and Sister Mains are coming to our District Meeting, and then I get to translate from Chinese to English for them :D  Also, President Chan told me that my accent sounds very malaysian, which is a lot better than American, which was one of my goals of something to improve while in this area! I am working now on communication skills, and really understanding the minds of the people here. I love you, I pray for you all! :D
Mommy  Wow! That reminds me of the faith that you were always showing throughout my life! I am so glad that you and the family have developed a talent (singing) and are sharing that love with others! It reminds me of the Duty to God Learn Act Share method of learning.  I am so happy this week! Just so you know, I love you! :
Celeste:  Belated happy birthday! I love you so much sister! I tell people how much I love you everytime I tell them that family relationships need work and then use us as an example! ;D
Richard: Wow! Sounds like you are super busy! I am glad to hear all about you! You keep it up! What would you say the underlying theme of the First Lesson is?  Why do you think we teach that one first?  I am kind of jealous at how prepared you are going to be when you burst into the MTC and BEGIN!!! :D  Love you.
Corina:  That is the best miracle I have heard all week! I am so happy that you are learning and stretching and growing! I learn so much from all of your emails!
Rebekah:  Thank you for your email! I am glad you love me too! How is school?
Joshua:  How is my T eye double "g" are? (You have to say that one out loud i hope) I love you Joshua!
Mandy:  I love you princess! Can you speak yet?  Is Rebekah teaching you to read? :D
Love you all! :D

This week was fantastic! One of the best parts was that our incredible Group Leader here who works as an editor for the Borneo Post was able to put in an announcement for English class! We got around 8 phone calls Saturday and Sunday, and he received about 12! So we are going to have a large increase of people attending English class :D The announcement was also sent out to Kuching and Sibu, and I heard from the Elders there that people are calling them as well! We also took an adventure out to Curtin University where Elders had enjoyed success in the past, but were kicked out due to prejudice.  We were told we couldn't enter, so we told them that we were volunteers looking for service, and will be returning Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. :D We had 30 people come to Church this week (which was less than lass week, but 10 above average!) and are so happy to see Less-Actives that we've been working with start to come.  One man (Michael) has come to church the past two weeks, and we have an appointment with him and his friend on Saturday.  The work is moving, the Group is growing, and the Miri 2 Branch President complimented us on our work and said that he thinks we are working a lot smarter now due to the increase of numbers.  We have been working to gain the trust of the leaders here, and with the focus on Chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel last week, it was nice to see a culmination of success in gaining his confidence.  (I'll reply to the rest in a bit :D
Love you all so much! :D
Elder Black =D

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Kelly Black
Dear Jacob!
Hi, It has been a great fast Sunday.  We were able to Sing "Master the Tempest is Raging "  It was very beautiful.  All the prayers and practice at the towers made a difference.  We sat in the third or fourth row back and it was a good thing.  We love you so much.  It is great to hear about the experiences you are having.  We had another couple of miracles this week.  we found the clicker keys!!  They were in the duffle bag we took on the kayak trip with grandpa.  WE also found joshuas flip flop on the lake and and after being all loaded up in the car Corina realized she had lost her glasses.  We searched and prayed to find them, then Corina and I went to back track all the way down to the lake and as we were looking I prayed that if they were there we could find them.. Almost instantaneously, Corina held up her glasses which had been in the lake!  it was a miracle all the way around!

We love you so much and pray for you and your success. 

Dear Jacob,
     I think the best gift I can give to my Father in heaven and my earthly father is to do whats right, listen to the Holy Ghost, and make them both proud by retuning with flying colors to my Father in Heaven. I am reading my scriptures and writing in my journal, but I need to turn it into scripture study. I am taking choir and seminary at MVT, but I am still doing homeschool and the problem is I don't have any classes picked out for next year and I need to study for a test and be prepared for it and I am stressed out!!!!  so in that aspect, yes, I am challenging myself:) This weekend Gpa took us camping and it was sooooo fun!!!! Dad Mom and Mandy did not come till the next day. Miracle story! so we were at the lake kayaking and there were some thunderclouds so we were about to leave and I realized that I didn't have my glasses! I backtracked my steps from exploring w/ Joshua and Mandy and I remembered that  josh had lost one of his shoes(which I found later on) while he was walking on a log and I had gone on the log to look for his shoe. I walked to the end of the log and looked down(at this moment Mom said a silent prayer to help us find the glasses if they were there) and there they were! I thought, 'they can't be!' and I bent down and picked them up and called out to Mom, "I found them!!!". This experience definitely went in my journal!! :) Oh! Today we(our family) sang Master The Tempest Is Raging for relief society today. I think they really enjoyed it! I LOVE YOU!!!!
 Corina Richelle Black

Dear Jacob,
     You are the boss. You remember when I told you that I thought that Mason was going to come back soon? Well, turns out I was wrong and he came back this last Tuesday. I've been writing in my journal but sometimes I'll look back and realize that I've skipped about four days and feel really bad. I've been reading something out of PMG almost every night since you left on your mission, but mostly my focus has been on the first lesson. It's been fantastic. Our family went camping with Grandpa and guess what?! Grandpa let me drive his car! I know, it's totally amazing. For work I help Bro. Durfee put lockers, marker-boards, bathroom stalls etc. in schools. It's not easy, but it is pretty good work, and I don't even have to work out because the work out is built in:). I'll probably leave on my mission in January.  Love you so much. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time! Did you get anyone else dunked? haha, love you. I had a lesson about true discipleship in Sunday school. We learned about Stephen, who was not afraid to proclaim the gospel in front of the Sanhedrin and was able to see God and Jesus. He is described as a man of faith and power. Good stuff. much good stuff is going on here, hopefully dinner will happen soon.
Richard Black

Dear Jacob, I love you too. You are bodacious. Thanks for being an awesome example.
Rebekah Black

Dear Jacob,

I had a great Sunday, starting with song practice, then getting to Ward Council on time. I also got to do interviews with Richard and Corina today. (In case you hadn't noticed, they're pretty awesome people. Nor are they alone. You have brothers and sisters of awesomeness all up and down the line, and you're awesome as  well.)

Meanwhile, Mom woke up to little kids bouncing off the walls, and they didn't stop bouncing until a few minutes ago, when they fell asleep. (They're already asleep, so they'll miss out on the email, but I know they love you.) The end result was that Mom got to take care of most of the bouncing. Maybe next week, Joshua will let me do an interview of him (I asked this week, but he didn't want to today), which might give me a chance to deal with more of the bouncing. I think we're going to get to bed shortly, which may help recharge batteries.

I love you, Dad

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