Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hahah! I love you all =D

Corina:  I am so glad it sounds like you had a wonderful week! I am glad that you were able to learn more about the Spirit! That is something I will be learning about for the rest of my life, but some advice that I personally have fallen in love with is: Be a good girl, honor your covenants, and there was one other thing (by Elder Bednar in the MTC). =D Keep reading your scriptures! Every day! =D I love you!!

Richard:  I am enjoying it! Yes! This week, Sister Loh from Ipoh came down and talked about family history work and Temple work, encouraging everyone to think about what the Temple means to them, and then she had people stand up and share experiences from the Temple.  She had one of our investigators stand up (somehow... ;D) and then this investigator said... I want to go to the temple, but.... I need to be baptized first!!! Richard, don't you let your investigators sneak off after Sacrament meeting! They will learn so much more if they stay for the other classes! =D  Tell Dr. Atkinson "hello! I just want you to know the influence that your son has had on my life for good.  I love him and am always going to be grateful for his example!"  Keep it up Richard! Are you reading your scriptures every day? If not... Repent! :D Love you!!!

Daddy:  I see I will have to pray with more Faith, and I wanted to thank you again for your email last week.  I have just realized today as I was reading through my journal that I have been letting discouragement decrease my Faith.  Today I took couner-attack measures--- Prayers with faith.  I really love conversing with my Father.  *both of you ;D

Well, there is a lot available to me, it is just that I have to take a 30-40 minute bike ride back home with everything I buy... so I often times will just go for PB and bread.  Spaghetti.  But Tesco is as diverse as Fry's.  Crockpot... I'm not certain.  It would be interesting.  With the travel thing, I may not even be able to put everything I have right now back in my suitcases, and I am really lucky I haven't been transferred yet and had to find out.  I will eat more healthy though for you all. I eat an orange every day, and My refrigerator is full of watermelons ;D

I love you too Dad!

Mommy: Well, I usually try to talk about all of you.  I heard once that someone who talks about themself is a bore, and people that talk about others are interesting, people that talk about ideas, and ways to improve are intelligent, but I can honor your request, I just hope you don't find me too boring! I also always struggle with what I should tell you... or what I should tell you after :D.  Our investigators: we have about 2-3 strong investigators.  They are all struggling with reading the Book of Mormon except for one.  I have been realizing what a terrible teacher I am lately, as I hear people asking questions that I thought I had explained, or assumed they understood.  I just am having a really difficult time making certain that I always know what my investigators understand.  My faith I just noticed was lower than it has been in the past, so I am working on increasing my faith, praying with expectations.  I apreciate all of your prayers! Thanks Mom! I love you! I am glad you always have happy and uplifting emails for me! I go to church at 8:30am it starts at 9:00AM. Love you so much!

Mandy: Jay-Jay loves you! =D  So much!!!!!

Joshua:  Your friend is not there? I hope that she is okay.  I am glad that you love me so much Joshua! I will be in Singapore/Malaysia until Heavenly Father makes me come back home! It is because I love you all so much, that I want all of these people to know that they can live with their families forever! Joshua, so many people don't know they can be together forever! How sad!! I love you to the moon and back, and around the sun, and to very far in outer space and then back again!! =D

Celeste:  Hope you are happy and enjoying work/school/Jacob! Keep it up Sister! =D I love you!

You can just send this on out to everyone =D

Love, your Elder, Jacob Emmanuel Black :D