Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10/2013 Love.

Love.  I feel that is a good way to start out any email to you all :D!

This week we heard transfer news at about 10am this morning.  I am leaving  Sitiawan in West Malaysia! I am leaving Elder Cranford and will be serving with Elder Choong in Miri, West Malaysia.  Time is flying past! I don't know what all is happening, but I am trying to do everything I can to learn, and keep learning! 
I don't know hoe I feel about the news.  I really love Sitiawan and the people, and Elder Cranford my companion.  I am going to be sad, but the Lord wants me to move on, and so I shall... With a big 'ol happy Smile :D


This week is Chinese New Years, probably the best idea ever... after zebras, peanut butter, and myself ;D. 
One part of the culture is that married couples give these little red envelopes to people they love (children) and the envelopes are full of money... we got a lot.  It doesn't really work to refuse them either.  :/

Well, what else is new?  My soon to be companion is native, from Sitiawan! I guess I will never really leave Sitiawan! I just talked with his family and girlfriend last night in fact, I bet they will be excited to know that I will be serving with their son!