Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/2013 Life is great

Life is great.

This last transfer I left Elder Cranford, one of the best people ever, and now I am with Elder Choong.  A native Chinese speaker from Sitiawan, Perak West Malaysia.  He is incredible.  My Chinese has improved with him, the temperature is better here, and... well, life is happy :D

Mommy:  It sounds like you have had an inrcredibly crazy time these past few days! Jessica (last name insert...) is married now?! That must be so exciting! I bet Grandpa and Grandma are looking eagerly forward to all of the grand babies they will be getting soon! :D I miss those quiet times holding Mandy.  I sure love her! She sounds like she is groing up extremely fast! It is wonderful to hear that there are so many priesthood holders in your life! The group I just got transfered to has about 2 priesthood holders who are active.  We are praying to find more priesthood leaders here!  The family I was teaching in Sitiawan is now on date! :D I am so happy to hear from you mom, I love you!!!

Dad:  Haha, I bet that Mandy and Joshua loved that! (The movies), How is work going for you? Well, I told you that I would report today... I feel that I am really good at making goals, but that I fall apart when it comes to following up on those goals.  I am going to have to work on my effectiveness. I work really hard, it's just not all effective.  Elder Choong is a hard worker as well.  He is the Senior companion, and you read those other thingies wrong.  I am not in a leadership position here :D  I get to just work hard! Do you have any advice on how you approached contacting people?

Richard:  Yikes. Ringworm= no fun! sorry about that!  That sounds like a bummer.  How about the Mission Prep thing-  I will pray for you! The most important thing is to have the Spirit with you.  Don't offend the Holy Ghost by doing anything that might potentially drive it away!  I love you brother, keep up the hard work! How are the mission papers coming along?

Corina:   It sounds like you are a very hardworker! You got to sing at a baptism?! That's so exciting! I can't wait for your letter! I honestly forgot my b-day was coming up until I got this email! I can't wait for your letter!

Celeste:  Celeste, your email really touched me! I tell everyone you are getting married, and they all look at me and ask if I am going to go back and watch your marriage!  I will be there with you, don't worry.  I can't believe that it is happening so quick! Try to remember the emotions and feelings you have while it all is happening! I really can't imagine how wonderful that all must have been, but I do remember seeingm my entire family (mom and dad, gpa and gma) waiting for me, and how special that felt!  I love you Celeste, you make sure we are together forever! :D

Mandy:  I love you Mandy! I am really happy you love me too!

Joshua:  Joshua, I will be home in only 5 more years! Don't worry about it budrobadook, because I love you! I wasnt to help you serve a mission as well! :D

Love Elder JEBlack :D