Sunday, March 3, 2013

3/3/2013 We know it's really still Jacob

This is how we know it's really still Jacob:

I Love you all! FYI: My foot is better :D
Birthday gift: Not received yet! On the 13th of March I will be in Singapore for Zone Conference.  I will probably get it then! :D :D
I can't believe Celeste is getting hitched before I get to email you all again! You all keep an eye on those two! :D

Dad:  "costumes"  Nice.  :D Hahah! I love you! Thanks for answering all of my questions.  I remember Elder Zwick.  He spoke at the MTC when I was there! How is your personal study going each day? Are you ready for grandkids?  Do you think you'll have a boy or girl grandchild first? (Make sure Celeste sees this or it will be wasted!) :D  Are you ready to act the proud peacock?  I am so excited for you! You whisper to Celeste that I love you if she is paying attention in the Celestial room :D

Mommy:  I just read my Patriarchal Blessing today! It had such a special feeling in it! Thanks for sharing that talk with me :D  I did get your email last week! Thanks! I hope next week I get one, but I understand there is a wedding happening! Maybe Celeste can email me her feelings before she gets sealed, and then afterward! And you as well.  I love your sweet smile, your sweet spirit! I Love you mommy! :D

Celeste/"Jacob"/Hoefflings:  Endure to the End! Have a blast! I love you (Celeste) and I will learn to love you Jacob! I just have to give you a big 'ole hug first! You sound awesome, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt ;D I am excited for you to! I will announce your marriage in District Conference (I have those now it's crazy!)! Right now we have 3 investigators, all are from this last week.  None came to church, and 2 accepted soft baptismal dates, but due to bad planning/ lack of preparation, we didn't have hard dates to give them! The Gospel is true! I love serving the Lord! I will miss seeing the two of your smooch! Love, Elder j. Black! :D

Richard: You gentleman you! Look at the Ladies picking out a good piece of meat! :D I am glad to hear that you are keeping yourself so busy! Busy is good.  How are your papers coming? How are you besides being so busy? How is your personal scripture study coming? I am sorry for being a bad example.  Please try to be better than I was in helping Mom and Dad have Family Scriptures and prayer!

Corina: Wow! Aims, Patriarchal Blessing talk, getting ready for a hike?! You sound so busy! I love you! keep up exercising! It will bring blessings! I can't wait to see your beautiful face :D Love, ME!

Joshua:  HOAHo! Two girls you have crushes on?!@ I understand, I like to call rather than write emails as well.  I love ytou so much! You keep reading the Book of Mormon every day, and praying every night!

Mandy:  I Love you too! You keep cute my princess! Send me a picture?! :D Love you!

Love you all-

Elder Black :D