Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/17/2013 Love yer gizzards!

Zone Conference was great.  In our Mission we have been having a "retention" problem, and President Mains said that he does not believe in a "retention" problem, but that it is a conversion problem.  He then challenged us to repent of anything in our lives that could be termed as weapons of rebellion.  Then one of the Assistants to the President gave a talk about becoming skilled warriors like the men of Teancum.  He said that as we become more righteous and cleanse the inner vessel, we then need to become more valiant and elite.  So that we can combat the forces of Satan in the lives of others.  Sister Mains said that as we become like Christ we will be better teachers, and people will learn far more by observing our actions than what we do or say.  I took that to heart.  I am working on developing humility, or as I like to think of it "gratitude and reliance on the Lord."  I have made a plan to memorize a scripture each day of these next six weeks that will help me focus on remembering to ask the Lord  for help.  I am also planning on taking the Ch.6 (PMG attribute test) humility portion of the Christ-like character test every week.  I am excited! I can see how it will help me be a better missionary! :D 

Thanks so much for the silly package! I love the pictures so much! It's funny to think that a picture is more valuable to me than all of the zebra cakes!  :0 Hahah! Thank you so much!! It made me break out into a huge grin! :D

Mommy: Thanks! I loved the sighn, the package, everything! :D  I heard about the hike from Grandpa! It sounds like they all had a blast! I read that talk! It may be the first time I read the Liahona on time! It is sure nice to be able to go to Singapore and pick up the Liahona and Ensign! I was pretty sick (Cold) las teek, but we still did everything we normally do.  It's fun to be a missionary.  It's the best feeling ever to serve the Lord! It's so easy to forget how much He has helped me, so I am starting a gratitude journal! :D  Thanks for sharing so much love with me Mommy! :D I love you!

Corina! Grandpa said you hiked "like a champion" (well... I might have said that, based on what he wrote.....;D) Thanks for coloring the sign so beautifully! I sure love you Corina!  You aren't allowed to tell me when my Mission is over! :o 

Richard:  It sounds like you did a splendid job on your talk! I can't wait for Satan to try to face the wrath of the almighty (in faith and knowledge) Ricardo Negro!!!!! I be he just peed his pants.  No fears.  You are incredible.  Keep reading the Book of Mormon! :D

Rebekah:Wow! How did you like the hike? Is your testimonmy super strong now? Will you bear it to me next time?! :D

Dad:  Thanks for that experience! I bet you are a "happy-quacky" having Celeste AND I gone ;D haha, that experience is just what I am working on this week! I will strive to remember God evermore.  Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement! I love you! :D

Mandy:  I LOVE YOU! :D

Joshua:  Don't try to fly to the moon without me! :D Love you!