Sunday, April 7, 2013

4/7/13 Thanks for emails

Thanks for all of your emails family! I sure do love to hear from you! I will tell you a little bit about this last week.  My new companion Elder Fabiano is from Florida.  He is very different from me in a lot of ways, but we have a lot in common as well.  We have been knocking on people's doors a lot lately trying to find those who the Lord has prepared for us.  We don't have very many investigators right now actually.  Maybe 3, but they are not progressing, and they have all been going in and out of town lately.  We are trying our best to be where the Lord wants us, in order to spread His Gospel more effectively.

My personal goal lately has been to be more humble.  I think there is a lot about humility that I don't understand, and that the Lord is waiting for me to apply what I already do know, before He will let me learn more of His precepts.  My views and perspective of God have changed a lot.  I realize now that there is much that I do not know about Him, and that those things which I do know about God I should hold near and dear to me.  I have been wondering how to be more wise, but I have decided to work on humility first, and relying on the Lord for the strength that I need to impact my surrounding situations in all things.

I would also like to bear you my testimony that God loves all of His children in ways that we will never quite understand in this life.  I am jealous of Mom and Dad, and Celeste and Jacob who have the opportunity to have family members whom they can share their love with, and learn more about God, His will, and His methods.  I think that I have learned a lot about God as I have read through my journal.  I really want to write in my journal more meaningful experiences, thoughts, and ideas that will remind me the great love that God has for me as His son. 

I know that God gives us all trials, and that sometimes are trials are nearly overwhelming, but He knows exactly what we need to make us stronger.  Jesus Christ died for our sins.  He is the only way back to our Father in Heaven.  Sharing the Gospel is an imperative duty! :D 

This last week we didn't hear conference. We will most likely get the privilege to listen to our living prophet in a week or two.