Sunday, April 14, 2013

4/14/13 Prayers answered/ Fatherly Advice

This week has been... well it went by so quickly! I had a neat miracle that happened yesterday.  I wont share some details, but I will share as much as I feel is appropriate! I decided that I would fast for a long term investigator here.  She is a wonderful woman who has been investigating for 6-7 years, and has two daughters who have received their endowments.  We had a dinner appointment with her, and I was fasting to be able to understand her concern-- what was keeping her from accepting baptism.  I know that God loves and understands His children, so I prayed to ask Him to show me how I could understand His daughter in a way to help and bless her life. We met and talked for a long time.  In the end we came away understanding more of her concern than before, and with a greater love for her.  I want to bear my testimony that righteous sacrifice brings forth blessings.  I love the Lord, and strive daily to understand His will.

Thanks Dad, I really appreciate that, and I wanted to tell you that I have been focusing on conference talks lately that seem to be talking over and over about the importance of fathers in our life.  I wanted to thank you for your wise counsel.  I have been praying, and we talked a lot, and I understand my companion better.  Not perfectly, but Elder Uchtdorf's talk on choosing to be happy regardless of anything affected me, along with the thought that I bet God does not live a carefree life, but He chooses to be happy.  I love you so much Daddy!