Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miracle Week Thankyou for your prayers! 5/19/2013

This week was miracle week! In all serious though, I have never experienced as many miracles, or seen the hand of the Lord as strong in my life as I did this last week!

The best miracle, is our GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR FAMILY!!! That feels so nice to type out! Elder Fabiano made a great statement last night:

 "I think we can safely say that A LOT of people have been praying for us..." (maybe not a direct quote, but fairly close!). So thank you so much for those prayers! :D

 On Friday night, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders to work out a baptismal interview (long and interesting story there)-- and at about 7 Elder Snyder and I found ourselves at the church with about 30 minutes until our meeting.  We decided that we would follow the counsel of our Mission President and seek to find someone to place a copy of the Book of Mormon with.  I looked at all the houses I had already knocked on around the church, and then saw one street I had never been down.  The second house we tried (after we got ignored, and the dogs moved away ;D) had a man and woman sitting outside smoking.  I started speaking to them in Chinese, and they quickly raced over and invited us in! Then we began to explain the Book of Mormon to them, and the great importance it has for us all. We invited them to the Baptism that would be held the next day, and they accepted, and we set up a meeting with them for Sunday night.  They all made it to the baptism, where one of them felt a very holy feeling (which is great because we were doing two-way translations- Malay-English-Chinese) and then we invited them to Church.  Sunday came, and the one who had the feeling came to church! She had  agreat time, and felt very excited.  She said that Friday night she had a dream and she knew she needed to come. We met with them yesterday, and were able to share the message of the Restoration and invite them to be baptized.  They said they would think about it, because they wanted to be absolutely certain before they pledged their lives to God.  That was the best miracle! :D

Mommy:  I sure love you!  I think that those goals are great! I know that you will be able to stand before God with a clean heart and pure hands! You are so special to me!  Thanks for sharing your goals with me! I hope that I can become more and more like you and like my Savior! I am super excited for the new investigators we found! :D
Mandy:  I love you to pretty girl! :D  You are so happy and precious! :D
Joshua:  Thank you so much for your happy email! I think you are so nice too! I will love to kiss you when I get back from my Mission! I know that you are getting ready to be a happy missionary too! I love you! :D
Corina:  Wow! First Date! WOOHOO! You go girl! ;D If your date ever mistreats you, I'll send him a picture of me flexing with these words on the back "better start running." ;D Poor kid... I love you so much! I kind of understand the way you feel- it's hard when  something we are expecting to happen... Doesn't! I hope Mr. Spakie has a good career though.  I think you are a great example to me!
Richard:  You are the BOSS! Thanks for showing your sister how a gentleman treats a lady! I am sure she wont forget her first date! :D That's nice! I remember my teachers telling us all "don't act like you've graduated till you have the college dorm keys nicely in your pocket." Hehe, be careful at the after graduation parties.  I love you brother! :D
Rebekah:  I love you too Rebekah! You keep up those trombone skills of yours you beautiful princess! :D
Daddy:  Hehe, I forgot about software being... the way it is.  I am glad that you are potentially able to earn lots of money! I hope that Richard is able to learn a lot with you, and that you can learn a lot with him! I bet that helped build your confidence a lot in all of your clients-- staying with you.  I have often thought of the honesty and integrity that you display in every aspect of your life.  Keep it up Daddy! Thanks for the scripture you shared with me.  I will definitely be putting it to the test in this next year :D