Monday, July 15, 2013


Transfer Update: I am staying in Borneo with Elder Fabiano for another 2 weeks at least :D

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Jacob Black <> wrote:
Daddy:  I am so grateful for your email, although I think that your "reveal-a-lator" is askew in assuming I would be a General Authority! Transfers are happening today. so in about 5 minutes I will know where I am going to next, but It's nice to know that wherever I go, your love is there for me! I love you so much Daddy! I am glad you are able to be such a great example of magnifying your calling and helping me in your example!

Mommy:  Haha! I am even happier to be your son! I was just thinking as I started responding to your email-- I wonder if when we got our mission call, and were assigned to a world and period of time, I wonder if we received those calls as families?  I wonder how long before you came down to the world that I knew you would be my Mommy and I watched your example! I love you Mommy!! I just recently began working as hard as I know how to build a stronger relationship with God (Helaman 5:12) that when the devil sends forth his mighty shafts.... etc I will be able to be firml rooted in the relationship I have with God, and flee from sin as Joseph of Egypt knowing I  can not sin against God.

Richard:  In case no one ever told you before, you're pretty much the best Richard in the world! I love you so much! I am so proud of all the things you are doing to prepare for a mission! I encourage you to get on a bike, take it around, and get good at doing all around repairs on the bike :D Also, if you get called to this mission (and I hope you do!) Make sure to bring bike lights! :D I am so happy to hear you are preparing with all your heart might mind and strength! I love you!

Corina:  WOW!!! A talk on Sunday! You're growing up so fast! How did it go?! I think the reason everyone told you it was so good, is because it WAS!!!! I love you so much! I can see that you are doing your best to follow the counsel God has given you through your patriarchal blessing, and I can see that you are growing in testimony and love! Keep it up princess! :D

Rebekah:  Rebekah! That's awesome! What do you think your favorite thing about playing the piano is?  I think that girls who play the piano are very attractive! :D

Joshua:  You don't know what to say my big brother?! I am so grateful you told me you love me! I asked President Mains for an extension until May 22nd or 23rd, but he said he is not sure if that will work or not, because there are not that many missionaries who speak Chinese, so it might make a threesome of Elders.  I love you though! I will be back in less than a year! (He told me it would be impossible to extend farther than May) :(

Mandy:  I love you pretty girl! I think your shoes must look amazing! Tell me all about the summer! Do you like to swim? :D

I love you all! I will email back when I get transfer news :D

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 11:08 AM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
Church: Jesus. Mommy. Daddy. Temple. Joshua. a me room. Joshua a me room.a dress.
Did you go shopping? Yes. Did you like it? Yes. A shoes on! Shoes on!Jump.

Dear brother of mine,
I am so proud of you out in the mission field. It's so good to know that you are sharing the good news with others. Don't forget that the gospel is something to sing about. Rise, and shine, and sing out the glory, glory! It's a little bit silly in the song, but the commandment is still there to rise and shine for the Lord. today was the last day of the mission prep class this time around. We were supposed to have taught a family the first lesson, but I had some scheduling issues so I'm still working on it. The class doesn't start up again until August 18, so it'll be a bit sad. The fam is planning a trip up to Northern Arizona for a bit in a few weeks.  I am super stoked.  Seth Campbell leaves on his mission in sixteen days to Carlsbad California and I believe Mason Duncan got back yesterday, but I've been mistaken before. Love you tons.
El Ricardo Negro

Dear Jacob. I am taking piano lessons from Jacob hofeling. He is a crazy piano person. It's really fun, because every other week he does group lessons, which are really fun. Ilove you. Love Rebekah.

Hi, Jacob. Mom. Joshua. Joshua. Joshua. Mom. Mom. Mom. Look, Jacob. Doing? Ummm... Hi, Jacob. Jacob, In there. Errr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;mmmmmmmmmmmmm,l,l,lllllllll hllllllllllj;j;j;j;j;;;;;jjjjjjllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,ljl;k;k;lk/////////////////////;;;;llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,,kkkkkkk;';,'<Jj,'u. u-
,m][ ;;              ?m<
( She is looking at your picture.)
Love, Mandy

Dear Jacob,

I was reading my missionary journal for my first day in the the mission field and remembered things I had completely forgotten about:
  • On the way to Colombia, I met Howard W. Hunter twice at airports. Both times, he saw our name tags and came right up to us and was really glad to see us. It really made our day. Remember that when you're a general authority. :-)
  • When I got to the Bogota airport, the press of people offering taxi services was at first overwhelming. I just wasn't used to people getting that loud and close to me. But then I saw the old familiar missionary name tags and felt right at home.
I also found a list of people I baptized. Started checking to see if any are on facebook. Hard to tell; a bunch of similar names.

Anyway, I was thinking about you and that's what started me thinking about my mission. I love and pray for you.

Love, Dad

I am so Glad to be your mom!.  Thank you for The picture you painted.  It was pretty in my mind.  I know you are always in the Lord's hand.  We had a missionary farewell for Nate Barney today.  it was great!  I helped well, I sat in with Dad as he taught the 11year olds today.  They were eleven year olds.  Dad taught about the kirtland temple and the restoration of the sealing power.  He spoke about the authority that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples and that they passed on to Joseph Smith. I'm so thankful for this knowledge.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity for you to study and teach the gospel.  Never forget that your greatest convert will be yourself.  Make sure you recieve a testimony of all that you teach.  I love you so much and pray for you always.  Stay close to the Lord and he will stay close to you.

Many much love to my stripling warrior across the world.

Dear Jacob,
     Today I gave a talk about the first two paragraphs of The Living Christ. I worried and fretted over it, especially since a week ago my name was in the program and no one had told me to talk! Anyway, I wrote my talk and re-wrote it, and wrote it again. Finally I decided it was pretty good and asked Dad about it.  He said it was really good. Then this morning at church I realized that it was WAY too short! So I sat up there, revising it and re-revising it till it felt pretty good. I wasn't really that nervous, except for about the length of it. Then afterwards, EVERY-one came and said how great my talk was.  I don't know why!  Anyway, Saturday we went to good will and I found the coolest patterns EVER!!! Okay, maybe not. But still! I have been getting a lot of money recently! Since my quest to buy all my own clothing, It has been dissappearing almost as quickly as it appears, as well as getting things for camp.  And paying Dad and Mom back for the Ukelele.  It is a great blessing.  Today after church, I went through the clothes in my closet and threw out quite a few of them, And then helped Rebekah do the same to her clothes!:) My patriarchal Blessing said to find service, and that is what Bro. Klein-man talked about today!  it was radical! I have really been trying to work on it.  I liked the picture that you painted for us.  It was very beautiful.  Thank you for the glimpse.  I love you!!! P.S. I am taking piano lessons from Celeste again!!!
     I love you sooo much!!!!
         Corina R. Black(the first)!!
Dear Jacob,
 I love you!  I don't know of anything else to say except for this.  When are you gonna come home?  Your the best missionary brother.  I went to a to a baptism tonight.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


There is something to say about a picture that can express what words could never express.
 I want to paint one to you all, and I will use the only tools I have-- words. 
 On the other side of the world, everything is different. 
 The language, even the English is strange and bizzare.  The people who live here live a very different life. As I ride my bike, I pass large two stroy buildings with multiple cars, or crass small wooden planks while carrying my bike accross a river.  The land is new, the language is new, but there is a feeling of love and hope and trust.  Though they may not know it, their Savior loves them and hope and yearns and works for their salvation.  The stress of life, the heat of the day, the selfish desires we keep in our hearts attemp and try and struggle to gain our heart, but with Christ our Savior, His love we'll impart.  A  family at home who come together, and remember their brother so far from home.  The written words "I love you so" bring courage strength and faith increased.  A little boy once held so tight and heard those words "I love you so."  Has now been blessed and priveliged whith the divine command to spread God's love.  Of space and time and sweat and tears, no adequate words could ever depict, but the swallowing of all doubt and pain by loves pure warmth and hope so pure.
I'd like to bear my testimony that I know that God loves us so much and is hoping to establish with us now a relationship that will bless our lives forever.  I know that Jesus Christ's Atonement can help us to recognize and resolve our faults and weaknesses.  I know that the Savior still lives.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  It is true. Now, Tomorrow and Forever.  I know that  Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith restored the Holy Priesthood onto the earth, and that I now hold it.  I know that this Priesthood has been consecrated for the use of serving and blessing the lives of others!
Dad:  I am grateful for the emails you send me! Whenever I think about Priesthood and Leadership, I think of the great role that you have in my life.  I was watching the October 2009 Conference Talk (Priesthood Session- Elder Ballard's (I think?)) Talk about the Relationship of a Father and Son.  I thought of you.  I thought of all the things you did with me and for me.  I also realized that after my mission I want to make you a more central part of my life.  It's funny that before my mission I never sought your advice on a lot of things because... well I "knew everything" and you "didn't understand" but know that I have been learning lessons on my own, I keep wishing I could draw on the experiences that I know you've had in the past.  I wish I knew more about your childhood, and schooling years.  Your mission and your college experiences.  I wish I knew how you became who you are today.  I just wanted to make sure to take the time now to prepare you for when I return and start asking you questions about everything under the sun, and for blessings, for wisdom and for counsel.  I love you Daddy! :D
Corina:  Thanks for your email! I love learning about what you are up to! It is so incredible to see you growing up so fast! I hope that all of the girls were able to learn as much as you did!  You got your Patriarchal Blessing today! Do you know how incredible that is?!  Not everyone gets a Patriarchal Blessing-- or direct counsel from God! Treasure it!  I will keep up my smile just for you! (Well, and because smiling is so much better, and happier than frowning. There is  a scripture in Alma (Ch. 29vs18?) about how we should seek after happiness!!!)! I love you sweet sister!
Richard:  I want you to know, that I've been praying for you a lot this past week like you asked! I love you Richard.  You are a great example to me.  I wish that I listened more to you and wasn't so frustrating.  I can't wait to find out where you are going on your mission! I love you so much brother.
Rebekah:  You are AWESOME! Thanks for telling me about girls camp! I was so happy to hear you were able to use your intelligence and talents to have fuN! :D  Way to win the Twister game! I knew you could do it! Something I admire about you, is that it doesn't matter if you win something or not, you are always able to learn and be happy! Keep up smiling, being happy, praying and reading the scriptures! I know that Heavenly Father loves you, and I love you too!!!! :D
Mandy:  I love you sweet sister! Richard tells me that you know who I am still! I want you to know that I love you forever! :D
Joshua:  Thank you for telling me all about the pancakes! How many people came to eat?  Did they all like it?  What do you think you can do to become a super missionary right now?  I LOVE YOU! :D
Mommy: I got you email, and I am so grateful for it! I love you so much Mommy! I love that you are always there for me, and helping me grow stronger and closer to God! Trhank you so much for your prayers and your love. 

On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
To Jacob from Mandy:


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Love, Mandy

To Jacob from Dad:

I was reminded today of an experience I had when I was probably 10-11. I was in Family Home Evening and thought something like: "I already know all this stuff." As I thought this, I remembered that I had thought the same thing in Primary. But I knew I'd learned it somewhere. I eventually drew two lessons from this experience: (1) I was fortunate to have a family that taught me at home and brought me to church, so that I was learning the same things in both places and (2) I had learned things line upon line, so that the new things I learned didn't seem new.

I remembered this today in Ward Council, when Brother Blanch asked if we had spoken with our children about what we had learned in Church. I also thought about times when you or one of the other kids came home with something you had "just learned" in Church. At least once, one of you asked why we'd never taught you that at home. (We had. Maybe we bit our tongues, maybe not.)

Then I thought of your investigators and new converts, who often do not enjoy the reinforcing messages of home and Church. For many of them, the only reinforcement they can get at home is the teaching of the Spirit as they study the scriptures. It reminds me of how important the new member discussion and home/visiting teaching programs are.

Then I think about Alma TE, and how one fiery sermon from Abinidi put him on the right track and turned him into a great leader, as well as Saul/Paul. It gives me hope for your converts who will be living without the kind of constant communication from the Church we are used to here.

I love you forever and pray for you and your investigators.

Love, Dad

Dear Jacob,                                                                                                                                                                    &nb sp;     enjoy
     GIRLS CAMPS WAS AWESOME!!!! I came home stinky and smelly, but really happy:) The theme was LIFE: -endure- to the end(endure is crossed out and enjoy is on top of the word, like so)! It was sooo much fun! My girls were sooo wonderful!! I got really sore:( I learned a lot about giving. I was able to give something I really wanted away and not even feel very sad because they were able to have what they wanted. This reminds me of when Heavenly Father gave His Son to us because he loves us. It helps me understand the Atonement even more. I got my Patriarchal Blessing copy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! being a YCL has been a great blessing to me!! You got to baptize someone!!!:D!!!:D!!!  YAY!!! I love you Jacob!!! Stay awesome! Keep smiling! never give up! Enjoy to the end!
     Corina :)

Dear brother Jacob,
I think that you should be happy to know that Mandy is completely aware of the Jacob/Jacob situation and is always happy to see a picture of you. I am so happy for you because of the faithfulness of your investigators. I have thought about how to change the world as well and came to the same conclusion. I didn't really know how to explain it, but I think you have done a great job. I'm going to go out of town for work this week for a few days. I love you so much. Sometime this week I am going to be teaching the first lesson to some "investigators". so much good stuff. Have a great week, and may the Spirit be with you.
El Ricardo Negro

Dear Jacob,

I want to tell about the pancake breakfast and the zoo. I forgot what else we did this week.

I love you forever. You're the best missionary in the whole wide world, or at least one of them. How many days or years before you come home?


Dear Jacob,

Hi. I love you. You are Supermissionary! We had girl's camp this week, which was super fun. We didn't get to go canoeing at girl's camp, which is what 2nd years do, but we got to do water games and everyone got to do zip lines and archery which is usually only what the 1st years do. We did Twister while they squirted us. I won and there were like 20 people playing, and the last 3 people were H2 girls. And we did slip-and-slide and we were the last group to go. We had a whole jug of soap to ourselves, and they had like innertubes that they'd used before but they didn't slide that good, so we took the jug of Dawn dish soap and we lathered the front of our bodies all over -- a ton, the whole jug -- on seven girls. It worked really good without the innertubes on our bellies. We were the only group that thought of that. It was amazing and fun. Then we were all bubbly and we had showers but didn't need soap, we just got in and rinsed it off. It was super fun. Dad is typing for me.

Love, Rebekah

To Jacob from Mommy,

Good morning!  I am writing this at 9:30 az time.  I love you so much son.  I have been going through your emails and posting drafts, (got a little behind).  It's been great to read all your emails together.  You are amazing!  I am very proud of you!  I hope you continue to feel my love, and prayers.  We have been putting your name on the prayer roll of the temple, so remember that there truly are many praying for you.  It has been a big week as the girls have been at camp, and we actually did the pancake breakfast and parade this year at the insistence of Richard, and encouragement of Corina and Rebekah. It was a lot of fun for Joshua and Rebekah, and I hope for our friends and neighbors who were in town and able to attend.  It was especially good to spend time with the family afterwards.

I was reading president Monson's talk from the sunday morning session of conference.  It is about obedience.  He quoted D&C 93:  24, 26-28.  In verse 28 It reads, "He that keepeth (God's) commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things"  President Monson said "what a glorious promise", he repeats it about three times.  I thought a lot about it this morning.  We went to Grandmas house and wrote letters it was fun to be together. joshua got to be spotlighted in primary.  Thank you for all the wonderful things you write to me.  I think you're pretty special too.
love you forever,