Sunday, July 28, 2013


  I love getting emails from you all! This week I have been working on challenging myself and doing things that aren't easy to do, but that I know I can do, with the attitude of "it's fun to do hard things :D"

  We were able to get 39 people at church yesterday! There were so many miracles!

 3 single adults just walked in and attended (it seemed kind of whimsical, but one had investigated 2 years earlier, and we now have the youngest one's phone number, and he requested the address of this church in another city where he will be next week.  We were able to go back and visit an old man who let us in earlier on.  He wasn't interested at all, but his son asked some good questions and accepted an invitation to read the Book of Mormon.  There was a ton of Less Actives that showed up at church as well! and 2 members brought their non-member spouses with them to church! We are still looking for new investigators to work with, but we have a lot of potentials right now, and it is going to be a big job making sure to handle all of them with the care and attention they need and deserve.  :D

Daddy:  It sounds like business is booming, the family is happy, and you are still alive! Just thought I would follow up with you really quick on your diet, and ask if you are still exercising like you were before I left! I am glad that you are looking for miracles constantly throughout the week! I have one of those as well: I have not been wearing a watch for the past while, and it has affected my ability to accomplish my goals, rendering me less effective.  So I got the one I needed to get fixed fixed today, and I am excited that now I don't have another excuse to drag me down! I think that using time effectively as a missionary is critical to success, but in order to use it wisely, one must be aware of the time, otherwise the time will master you! :D
Mommy:  Elder Crum-- yeah! I actually met him before my mission and found out he was coming here.  Elder Anson Crum, Preston Snyder, and Elder Dallin Parker (sp?) are all Elders from Mesa serving here (also elder Olivares and Elder something or other Pratt).  Elder Crum just became the Zone Leader in (some Zone)! That's incredible you were able to hear about him all the way over in America! (When people ask where I am from I say America, and then get confused when they ask-- yeah, but where?!) The Book of Mormon is so powerful! I have been reading about the stripling warriors (I mean Joshua Kelton Black and Richard Madison Black), and how according to their faith, God could not with hold His promised blessings, but if they doubted, then they had no promise.  I love you Mom! Thanks for your wonderful example to me and for helping me to love the book of Mormon! That's one of the best gifts I've ever received from you! :D
Richard:  So Richard, I have been thinking about you and your radical abilities to make impressive and miraculous things happen by moving your eyebrows and your lips together (lets just call this "The Smoulder" ;D)! Actually, I was thinking about how excited I am that soon you will be in the service of the Lord! What kind of work do you do? How many more months until you depart?  Are you still writing in your journal?  Tell me a little about your personal study! I love you! :D
Corina:  Thanks for your email! I am so glad that you are able to have such a wonderful time in the temple! I love you so much my special Corina sister! I think that you are helping the whole family continue in happiness! What do you think is the very best gift that you can give your Father in Heaven?  Your earthly father?  Are you challenging yourself?  Are you reading your scriptures everyday?  Tell me about what you are doing my wonderful Corina! :D
Rebekah:  Thanks for starting to email me! I know how you must have felt when the computer was logged off, and you still hadn't finished emailing, but I also know how much you love me, and that is all that matters to me, and I want you to know that no matter what you are more important than this entire world to our Heavenly Father, and I love you more than any money in the world, and that I know that you are doing your best to be happy and obedient to God's commandments and the words of the prophets! Tell me a little bit about your personal study my little princess! :D I love you forever! :D
Joshua:  My brother! I am glad to hear you were safe and had a life jacket and that you were able to swim and canoe, and go camping! I love you so much! Do you like to read the Book of Mormon? Which of the prophets is your favorite?  Why is he your favorite?
Mandy:  You are so sweet to me! I love you Mandy! I show everyone how special you are to me.  Love you!
Love you all so much!
Elder Black :D

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
Thank you so much fro the email.  It was awesome to read about The many people at church and the man who asked what he needed to do to be baptized.  Are you teaching him still?  Tell us more about the work your doing. 
We went to snowflake and did baptisms for the dead.  I did initiatories and then we ate lunch at the park.  Then drove to a campground and stayed the night.  We brought a canoe and had a nice time.  It's great to be back.  We are done doing our little concerts at the towers.  It was a great experience.  On our last time we ended by giving everyone a rose and wishing them goodbye.  It was really neat.  I love you so much, and I hope you are happy. On our camping trip Mandy was crying and wouldn't settle down for bed.   When Richard started reading the book of Mormon, she settled down immediately . Cool eh?.  Also when Joshua woke up at 2:20 am the morning we were going to leave for Snowflake, (he was too excited to sleep) Finally I took him in the other room and read the Book of Mormon Reader to him.  He quieted down and became very peaceful. It was pretty special.  We just got back from Seth Campbell's open house.  They know of an Elder Crum serving in the Singapore Mission.  From Gilbert Stake.  Do you know of him?
Love you so much!  I prayed for Miracles and Dad was able to come with us, and It didn't rain.  I'm sure there were many more, But those are the ones I am aware of right now.
Love you

Dear Jacob,
     How has your week been? have you had success? I prayed for you everyday. I got mega-sunburned wile we were camping  this weekend. We went canoeing and my arms were bright red, as well as my nose and neck and face! We went to the Snowflake temple before we started camping, and it was really special.  The temple was gorgeous! There was a beautiful wind and there were flowers in front of the door that you could smell! They smelled like honey suckle! It was very pretty. I am very frustated that we don't get our schedules for school next year till the first day of school!!!! I am glad you love being sweaty:) I Love you so much!!! We had a lesson about names, and the covenant of taking the Lord's name upon us. They asked us to ask ourselves what we have done with His name. It was very thought provocative.  I hope I can say I have been true to Him. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Corina Richelle Black, the 1st

Dear Jacob,

"Martha West" doesn't ring a bell.

Glad to hear you're improving. I'm glad that you're turning to your Heavenly Father to find out what and how to improve. He is the only reliable source. We tend to be either to easy or too hard on ourselves. Others have the same problem, and tend to be blind to either or faults or our virtues. Satan is equally happy whether we are content without improvement or depressed by our failures.

Only Heavenly Father knows what we most need to improve now, and can teach us without leading to despair.

Well, I really enjoyed the trip to Snowflake. A couple of miracles: (1) An emergency hearing was set for Friday, and I thought I'd have to miss the temple. Late Thursday, things worked out so i could go along and just listen to the hearing on my cell phone and give the client a report. (2) Grandpa and I got to baptize and confirm Richard, Corina and Rebekah, including six ancestors that Celeste found. (3) There was plenty of food. (4) No one drowned at the lake :-) .

I really love hearing about your experiences. I love you forever, Jacob.

Dad (R2D2) [Jacob, I think Richard added the "R2D2" tag. Dad]

Dear Brother Jacob,
    I have no idea where I will be going. I keep telling myself that since you went somewhere so awesome, I'll probably go somewhere like South Dakota. you are right, though. the Lord probably has a plan in mind for me and I will be happy to go wherever he sends me. work has been going pretty well. Brother Durfee left for vacation the last week so I was able to get off construction work for the last week, but I spent Mo.,  Tues.,  and Wed. at Dad's office moving files from one place on the computer to another and doing stuff that needed to be done. It is really cool to be able to spend some time with Dad, even if it's not always a party, and be some kind of help to him. I have been able to save up about a third of the required amount of the mission money and Dad is pretty happy that I have been able to earn some of it on my own. dad's office is cool. he has some really nice tables and desks and stuff, but it always seems like the place needs a picture hung somewhere. Camping was pretty fun. I really enjoyed it and dad was even able to make it because a hearing was canceled. I love you so much,. Have a fantastic week, keep up the good work. It sounds like you are experiencing D&C 18: 15-16. you are great.
with a lot of loves,

Dear Jacob,

I had fun riding in the canoe. We bought life jackets the size for me and Mandy.  I liked fishing.  I did fishing but didn't catch anything.

I love you, Joshua

Dear Jacob. You are awesome. I love you. This sacrament meeting was especially spiritual. Carli Duncan gave a talk about the challenge where the bishopric [Jacob, this was Rebekah's entry, but now it's Dad writing. Rebekah began writing, but then went to Seth's open house with Richard. When they came home, Mommy, Corina and I went and she stayed home, but the computer was logged off. When we got home, she was asleep. Just wanted you to know she was thinking of you. Love, Dad]