Sunday, August 25, 2013


So this week was a huge week for me, but I am not planning on writting to much! :D

Zone Conference was amazing! We were able to fly into Singapore (which is always an interesting experience with the contrast being so strong --
 not on a bike, having AC again, people all on their phones, rampant immodesty, shops everywhere, people wont make eye contact or talk etc etc.

-- but I was able to have a wonderful time besides the culture shock from my "little" (actually, I basically live in a palace here) cottage, to the large mansions of Singapore.  Due to a lack of something or other, the hotel that we were staying at ran out of reservations the second night, which meant that Elder Fabiano and I were able to stay at the Assistants home, which was interesting because we are usually so seperated from what happens in the mission that it was kind of like jumping headfirst into a wall of information! There were some emergency transfers that happened that day, and long story short, we got to bed late, but Elder Harper and Elder Devey let us sleep in their beds while they slept on the floor. 

The theme for Zone Conference was Chapter Six of Preach My Gospel. It was a wonderful Conference, I sought and received much inspiration, and to top the week off we had exchanges with Elder Harper, found a new investigator, had District Conference, and then something sad hapened that taught me of Hope.

On Friday night Elder Wiberg was hit by a car.  Elder Harper was with us on Exchanges and told us what had happened asking us to pray for Elder Wiberg.  We did so.  The next day we learned that Elder Wiberg was not doing well and was still unconscious with a broken femur, broken forearm and broken shoulder.  Then President Mains asked the whole Mission to fast for Elder Wiberg.  We did so, and this morning at about 9:44 Elder Snyder called me after getting off the phone with President Mains.  "Elder Wiberg passed away last night.  President will be talking more about it in his letter to you all.  Will you inform your everyone?"  I was very somber as I called everyone, thinking about the message I was telling them, and glad that I wasn't telling his parents.  Yet even in this moment of sadness, there was hope.  Elder Wiberg didn't just "blink out." He is carrying on the work on the other side.  He is learning, progressing and teaching.  His family was sealed together for time and all eternity.  There is life after death.  It is a glorious thing! It is something to be forever grateful for.  I am so glad that I have a family at home, who are doing their part as I am doing my part to ensure that we qualify to be together for time and all eternity! I know that eveyrone will have the opportunity to make the important choice-- to progress into eternity, or not to.  I know that Jesus Christ overcame death.
Family:  I love you all so much! I am so grateful that you are all writting so much to me! Thanks Rebekah for telling me so much about what is happening in your life, and everyone else as well! Today is transfer day, and I will email a list of what happens during transfers afterward.  Love you so very much! :D
--Elder Jacob Emmanuel Black

On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 10:23 AM, Kelly Black <> wrote:
To Jacob from Dad:

Just started playing this song ("I am a Child of God") when we got home from Church, and thought a reminder is always in order, so here goes: Jacob Black is a child of God! I love you, Jacob.

Mandy went with Richard and me home teaching.

Richard lost his scooter key, and I had broken mine while using it as a screwdriver. Superglue didn't hold my key together. Neither Ace nor Home Depot could make a new key out of my broken key, but a real locksmith did it in about 5 minutes.

It reminded me of how we slow down our spiritual healing by trying to fix our mistakes on or own, or getting other humans to help us, while we could be made right quickly by going the real Healer, Jesus Christ.

Love you forever, Dad

To Jacob from Mandy:

[shall we say, "I went to Nursery today."] Yeah.

I did it. [she got down from her chair by herself]

Watch this, Dad. [Kicking a basket ball ALL the way across the family room]

A thumb [showing me hers]

Look [showing me her fingers] Lots of um. Like that.

Look, Mom [showing her the ball]

Where's it? Look, Mom. [showing her some spit on the basketball]

Dear Jacob,
     how has your day been? I went to Goodwill yesterday and my flip-flops broke! I went to the shoe section to find a pair of flip-flops or something to replace them, and the only things that were my size and didn't need socks was a pair of heels! Fortunately, they were really cute and weren't too painful to wear, so I wore them the whole time and then wound up buying them! I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!! It is soooo awesome!!!
     That is sooo wonderful that the surprise party worked! That sounds like it was a lot of fun! Jacob, I LOVE YOU!!! Are there any experiences that you have had that has helped you grow and mature spiritually?
I LOVE YOU!!! P.S.- I really encourage you too write all your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in your journal. I LOVE YOU!!!
I love you Jacob, You're the best big brother a six year old could have.  Don't you wake up early?
Love Joshua

Hello, How are you?  It was pretty awesome to meet Elder Fabiano's mom.  She's a pretty great lady.
She took pictures of us together, so ask elder Fabiano to see them. Do you remember Philmont?  Well the brother Fabiano who went with you is sister Fabiano's brother in law.  And, his wife directed Messengers when Dad was in it before we were married.  She is the one who made the contact with Celeste and Jacob, and arranged the meeting.  Cool eh?
Jacob, I am so proud of you!  I love you so much!  You are a great friend.  As we are getting Richard's papers filled out.  I am remembering doing that with you.  Bittersweet.   Our family is changing.
I didn't get to hear most of the talks in sacrament meeting, Sister and brother Pew both spoke and interestingly I heard both of their talks.  Sister Pew talked about how her daughter came to the decision to go on a mission and how she had been struggling. Brother Pew spoke of  Grace and how we need to partake of grace every day.  No matter how hard we strive, we will always need the grace of God.  We apply that grace all along he way.  He quoted Brad  Wilcox.  I think he was talking about how the savior empowers us beyond our own capacity and that we need not wait till the end of our efforts to experience his grace, but as we go.  We can experience his grace with him by our side increasing our capacities, cleansing us, filling in the gaps, lifting us, and making us whole the entire way, not just at the end after our huge mammoth effort, which isn't very much with out Jesus, and will never be enough without his atonement, but, with him by our side we, together, are enough.  I think this is what it means to magnify our callings. Still thinking about this.

I love you so much son.  You are very special to me and I can see you magnifying your calling and am proud of you.  Carry On!

To the most bestest Jacob from the Richard:
I really love you. I gave my papers to the bishop today and hopefully I will get them in sometime in September. You Rock! I will specifically pray that some of the people in your English class will become interested in the Good News. You ARE the most Bestest.

Hi Jacob! this week was really good.  Band is pretty much the highlight of my day because I have made so many new friends, and we get to make music, which is one of the bestest things in the world, and I feel really welcome there, AND, it's at the end of the day, which pretty much erases all the bad things that happen during the day.  Guess what!  I got detention on Wednesday because I was late to third hour, because we were swimming in P.E., and I had to put my wet stuff in my locker, but I was already halfway to my class before I realized it, and had to go all the way back to my locker, then back to class, and I was late, so I got lunch detention, which wasn't that bad, because there was another girl who was late too. we just picked up trash around the eighth grade lockers, which there wasn't that much of anyway, and then we went to lunch.  It was actually kind of fun. Love, Rebekah.